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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Contemporary Romance Authors Meet The Demand

By Cornelia Reyes

A lot of people look down on romantic novels and the people who write them. However, the facts show that millions of readers enjoy this type of fiction and that the demand shows no signs of slowing down. Contemporary romance authors pretty much have job security.

These variations on the 'boy meets girl' theme have been around seemingly forever, or at least since the novel became a popular format. They have been disparagingly called 'bodice rippers', and the movies made from them dismissed as 'chick flicks'. It is a fact, however, that the best of this type of book and film gross millions, which makes the criticism sound a lot like sour grapes.

The theme isn't new, either. Adam was fascinated with Eve from the first time he laid eyes on her and eventually made a life-changing, earth-shaking decision in her favor. Shakespeare raised the plot to everlasting fame in 'Romeo and Juliet' and celebrated it in comedy as well. Today the same old story involves vampires, witches and wizards, or space rovers. It fills the news, too. Where would Jackie O' have been without her men, or the pulp magazines without the loves and losses of the stars?

It isn't essentially myth and fiction, of course. History tells us that men have desired women above fortune and reason throughout the centuries. Think of the magnificent and terrifying King Henry VII, who fell for girl after girl and never flinched from murder, law-breaking, excommunication, or immorality.

Helen of Troy, Delilah, Bathsheeba, and Wallas Windsor epitomize the consequences of unbridled passion. Think what these famous sirens cost their lovers in terms of war, faith, kingdoms, and invulnerability. The women are famous but so are the men, who loved enough to risk anything to possess the object of their desire. Who is to say that the force of the passion that animates heroes of romantic fiction is too strong to be believable? Ancient tales and the annals of history tell us otherwise.

There may be hack writers in the industry, but many renowned authors have dabbled in this genre - if they haven't actually made it their own. (Remember Jane Austin.) Today many romance novels top the best seller lists, and eager readers wait with money in hand to get the next release from their favorite writers. You might be surprised at how many of these books have been written by classically-trained scholars.

No one can say that this sort of literature won't endure, either. Just look at 'Jane Eyre' and 'Pride and Prejudice', which probably will never go out of fashion. Who knows which of the books coming out this year will achieve the same recognition and status.

It is true that there is little fundamental originality in many of the romantic novels. However, just when you think that nothing else can be done with this genre, you get a surprise. Contemporary romance authors may not just get your attention and your money; they may become enshrined in your heart and your memory as well. Go ahead and try a romance novel. You just might like it.

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The Jill Kismet Series Primer Night Shift With A Detailed Review

By Cornelia Reyes

The urban fantasy genre is not really that new to the world of writers. There has always been a strong group of people that see the magical possibilities of the contemporary world around them and try to incorporate it in their writing style. The Jill Kismet series is an example of this writing style using a contemporary urban fantasy background within the story.

The urban fantasy novel is generally a story that takes place in the real world type urban settings that many people would recognize easily. Inside this world different magical components are integrated that are often hidden from regular people and are the main driving force within the story. Though there are times where magic or its many possibilities are accepted by mainstream society. This is generally not typical of most novels.

The story's plot often revolves around a female protagonist that faces many obstacles while coming to terms with their background and identity. There is often a romantic sub-plot as well that provides an insight to the character's strengths and weaknesses. Many times it ultimately proves to be a central point for the character when deciding what path to take to better understand themselves.

The novel Night Shift follows this simple formula. It is the starting novel for the Jill Kismet novels by author Lilith Saintcrow. She is most known for the Dante Valentine the female bounty hunter series. There are some basic similarities between them, but Night Shift also has many refreshing differences.

Jill is a new creation that lives in a modern instead of a futuristic world. It is also a much darker world with a much darker subtext involving the active forces of good and evil. There are many monsters and bad guys lurking around the corners that must be dealt with called hellbreed. They pray on the innocent and Jill's task is to protect the innocent and destroy the hellbreed.

To do this she is armed with the typical assortment of swords, guns and knives that most demon hunting good guys have. She also has special leather armor to protect her from getting hurt. Added to this is the demon mark she bartered with the chief hellbreed in the city for. It gives her many superhuman powers to go where she otherwise could not go.

As you go deeper in the book you recognize that Jill is like a female version of a liquor drinking Rambo. Often her motives or actions are centered more around vengeance rather than simple justice. This plays well into the ideas of good vs evil and whether it is just a choice or what you are born like. Written as a first person narration, many readers will ponder these ideas as Jill's past is carefully revealed through various flashbacks and her self-questioning sequences inside the story.

Overall Night Shift like all the Jill Kismet series books is fast paced and contains more than enough action to keep most people happy. If you are looking for a good read, pick it up. You will certainly not regret it.

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Steps Executive Resume Writer Undertake When Writing Resumes

By Cornelia Reyes

Executive resume writer helps people on how they can write a good resume. Resume is what sells people to the employers. They should therefore be written in a professional ways. This article highlight on some of the steps involved in writing curriculum vitae.

The first procedure is to clearly know the position you are applying for or the position your client so wishes to apply for. Knowing the position will help you to know the kind of things you need to include as well as the language you need to use. For instants, you need to include your abilities which are relevant to the position applied for as well as the demonstration of your capability to handle the position.

The other thing to do is to come up with a short paragraph which tries to explain your skills as well as the expertise you have. This is the paragraph which advertises you to the employer and it is what makes you to out stand among other people also applying for the same position. Your expertise and the experience must be packaged in a manner that is attractive.

It is also important to focus on the achievements one has other than the work history. You may have more than one achievement in one work place. You should there focus on the achievements you have realized all your life. Work history is also important element which should be described in the curriculum vitae. You must also state the position you held as well as the responsibility you were required to take. The responsibility you held must be clearly explained and the accomplishments you attained.

The other information to consider is your achievements. What makes you to be outstanding in whatever you have achieved. Using whatever you have learned in school and through experience to practically realize the achievements. This achievement must also be included together with the places where you achieved them. This is including the work history. The places where you have worked and the times you worked. It will also show your experience to the employers as well.

Education you have undertaken as an individual is also necessary. You must include all the information in regard to your education. The institutions you went to, the honors you have received as well as the certificates you attained. You must be having the relevant educational background for the position you are applying for.

Your educational background must also be packaged in a proper way. Some of the things to include under the educational background may include the degrees and certificates you have achieved, the institution you went to as well as whatever you achieved when you were there.

The resume should be sent together with a cover letter which gives an introduction about your career and your intention to apply for the position advertised. These are some of the steps executive resume writer undertake when writing resumes. The steps may also be important to any other person who may wish to write their own resumes.

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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Brochure Printing That Is Eco Friendly

By Cornelia Reyes

Environmental awareness is a very important factor for many people today. Consumers are genuinely concerned about the future of our planet and are seeking ways to help. Practically every aspect of daily life can become environmentally friendly with just a little thought and consideration. Even brochure printing that is eco friendly is now an affordable option.

In the past many people have shied away from eco-friendly alternatives as they think they are too expensive. There may also be concerns about the quality offered. But with all the technological updates of the past few years, standards have really changed. Environmentally responsible alternatives are now available that are just as affordable and are of the same high quality that clients are used to and expect.

The companies can provide all the features clients are looking for. Some of the most important are high quality products. Many people are afraid that environmentally friendly materials will not be of the quality they are used to. Nothing could be further from the truth. The latest technology has ensured extremely high quality materials including fliers, brochures and leaflets. These are used for a tremendous variety of purposes.

Research has shown that printed materials are one of the best ways to promote a service or sell a product. People can take the leaflet and save it on a bulletin board or on their fridge. The date, location, contact numbers and times should all be included. Images are also an important part of most brochures. A hotel or guest house should include some great pictures of their rooms to give potential guests a good idea of what to expect. Good images can really make all the difference in getting a booking or not.

The hospitality industry is a perfect example of a service who can really rely on the benefits of brochures and other printed materials. For example, a local guest house or bed and breakfast can have a brochure printed up using environmentally friendly practices to create valuable publicity for their services. These materials are left in strategic locations, such as a tourist information office for distribution to potential guests.

On line printing companies now provide excellent customer service to their clients. Most people can place their order through the web site and even up load their graphics and text. The helpful staff will give them a price quotation and turn around time. Everything can be handled on line, saving a lot of time and money.

There are many ways in which a printing business can be environmentally responsible. One of them is in the design of their factory building. New construction should include large windows, sky lights, use of biodegradable fuels and even grass roofs for extra insulation.

People who use brochure printing that is eco friendly have the satisfaction of knowing they are supporting efforts to save the planet. Paper that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council or FSC, have been produced using only the most sustainable methods. This is a wonderful step towards saving some of the world's most endangered forests and many plant and animal species who are facing extinction.

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Significance Of Indie Publishing Companies

By Cornelia Reyes

Authors are a people that supply the world with ideas that add meaning to life making the world a better place to live in. As such these ideas working as intellectual property at time face a lot of challenges and theft thereby reduce the efforts of the author in their quest to propagate them. Indie publishing companies are up to help address some of these challenges.

Given the nature of this initiative it calls for a smart fellow to put together methods of operation that safeguards the property owner. This is with regards to quality control and production. Before a book can hit the stores for economic purposes quality production is important and determines the aspects of sale that go with it. This organization chain works to better this up for appealing results.

In the business or service fraternity, the tool that best describes the aspect of progress has to do with accounting. This is where sales are tested and the amount of profit per particular period tested. This is why the organization ensures that there is sufficient environment for favorable cash flow. This helps in maintaining the steady flow of initiatives that promote the author at all times.

Growth is born out of the desire to conquer new grounds and get new ideas. This is achieved through a process or orientation where the author under the management of the production stable. It is done by taking them in a variety of environments where they meet new people and share in new challenges to build experience. In the end adjustment to new works is established for a better future.

The best part after production and packaging for the work is brought in at the distribution stage. Distribution is an element of marketing where the work is taken to the market for utilization by readers. This helps shape their way of thinking for solutions. It is achieved through merchandising or wholesaling where small margins are left for profit to retailers in the long run.

Another outstanding component of great significance is the advice aspect of business. To help condition authors to world class requirements, a mentoring program is undertaken to educate and introduce new authors to techniques that will improve their work. This is with regards to especially of public communication and networking as a tool that will take them to the next level.

Globalization has made the way life is lived to be more flexible and fast when it comes to dispensation of information to the target audience. One such way through which this information is dispensed is through the website platform that is able to connect to a large audience world over. It is therefore a prerogative of the organization to open up websites for new signing interested in authoring books on many topics.

Indie publishing companies as a professional entity helps in managing authors through timetable planning and diary execution. This is with regards to media and especially television and radio where they are called upon to share ideas on how to handle certain challenges. By using this modes they help propagate their ideals and help solve some of the challenges.

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History Of Baseball Books Capture America

By Rachael Gutierrez

You've watched all the games, and now you want to read more about exactly where your favorite sport originated from. These history of baseball books give you a front seat to all the action, from the major league's humble beginnings to the sport's present day state. Read on for some great titles to check out the next time you're at a library or bookstore. Well-written and impeccably researched, they will appeal to sports fans and book lovers alike.

"Baseball: A History of America's Favorite Game" was written by New York Times sports columnist George Vescey and published in 2008. Vescey's 40 years of experience covering our favorite pastime shine through in this comprehensive narrative, which is a compelling and breezy read for casual and dedicated fans alike. The tome is also slightly controversial, since it overturns the long-held assumption that Abner Doubleday founded the game in the 1800s, instead highlighting its ancient origins.

"Baseball: An Illustrated History, including The Tenth Inning" is a companion volume to Ken Burns' widely acclaimed PBS documentary on the sport. With essays, photos, and other resources by a wealth of experts like Robert W. Creamer, Gerald Early, Doris Kearns Goodwin, this title is a must for any true fan.

If you're curious about the biggest growth period in the major leagues, look no further than "Baseball's New Frontier: A History of Expansion, 1961-1998." Examining the steps that led to an unprecedented number of teams that were added during this period, the book paints a picture of how we got from the early days to today's modern game.

"Swinging '73" details the year when the sport shot back into the public conscience after several lackluster years when interest lagged. Focusing primarily on the growing dynasties of the Yankees and the Mets in the Steinbrenner era, this book is a must for anyone who remembers the penultimate season of 1973.

"Baseball" by Benjamin Rader is one of the few books to attempt a complete retelling of the sport from beginning to present. Though it's a quick read, it's also a great primer for anyone who needs a jumping-off point to learn more about the sport. This third edition is updated to include all seasons through 2006.

If you'd rather read about the follies than about the greats, then "Who's on Worst?" is the book for you. This amusing volume celebrates the very human nature of the game and its players, managers, and bigwigs in a fond, yet teasing way. In its pages, it details the cheaters, the losers, and the overpaid who made headlines over the years. If you're a serious fan who wants inside information about the game, then this is an excellent choice.

Whether you're looking for a detailed account of a particular era in the sport's history or a comprehensive retelling of the complete story of the game, you can't go wrong by selecting one of these history of baseball books. If you'd like to learn more about the sport you love, this is the best place to start.

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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The Secret Law Of Attraction And You

By Joseph S. Boozer

Flow is the quality of ease that can be integrated into a life to give it the look and feel of almost effortless achievement. It's not as elusive as it may seem. We all know people who go through life attracting opportunity after opportunity; or those who have a knack for being at the right place at the right time to connect with the right people.These people seem unusually lucky; life seems to favor them but in reality they have turned synchronicity and attraction into a habit where most people experience them in random fashion. Our culture has been programmed to link struggle with valor and so the tendency is to unconsciously choose struggle over ease.

I have learned that there will be times where there will be a problem to solve among a group and people look to you for the answer because you have displayed leadership. Even though you might have no idea what the answer is, you will not show expressions that come off as "I can't do it." Sometimes you have to get uncomfortable to get comfortable and be put in a situation where people depend on your voice. you will that as a leader that in order to lead, you have to listen. A leader is not a single person giving orders. A leader makes the decision based on the groups' thoughts. A leader has to the catalyst; the person knows when to start the fire, but also to put it out.

The other important aspect about Law of Attraction is one that is the easiest to forget. Just like the law of gravity which exists 24/7 (not just when you're thinking about it), the same goes for Law of Attraction. It is fully operational 24/7, whether you're thinking about it or not. That's why it's so important to check in with your thoughts to make sure you're focusing on what you want and not on what you don't want.

In Steven's book, he uses the song "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" to provide a simple model for unlocking the mystery of flow.Scientists and theorists who have studied the law of attraction have come to the evident conclusion that energy attracts energy of a similar frequency.It's important to understand that everything is comprised of energy without energy the universe itself would not and could not exist! Every single one of us is constantly radiating energy into space, even when we sleep, the frequency and level of that energy though depends on the person's spirit or to put it better the "vibe" they're giving off.Scientists studying the natural Law of Attraction refer to the energy as a "vibe" or "vibration" (everything has a vibrational frequency), this is where the sayings "good vibes" and "bad vibes" stemmed from.

For example, if you want to attract a relationship with the man or woman of your dreams, but you're constantly thinking about how lonely you are, or how no one is interested in you, then that's exactly what you're going to keep attracting. However, if you can become aware enough to think thoughts like "I am in the process of meeting my true love" or "I am attracting the perfect mate into my life", then you're going to attract that.

WHO DO STUDENTS REMEMBER THE MOST? Answer: Physical Educators. Unfortunately in schools, physical education is last on the list as importance but first on the list of fun things to do in school. Even though boys and girls might not enjoy doing yoga as a lesson, at the end of the day they know that it's better than sitting in a class and learning about General Robert E Lee's plan about the battle of irrelevant. They remember physical educators because Student's actually get to converse with their teacher during the lesson instead of sitting there and listening (interaction).Students receive praise based on the ability of a motor skill (rewards).There active and play sports (fun).They stay awake in school (heart rate), and last

The Law of Attraction is operating 24/7, so why not use it to your advantage so that you can attract more of what you want in your life?

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Self Esteem And Self Confidence

By James W. Lopes

People who have self-confidence believe in themselves and feel that they are capable of achieving what they want in life, or dealing with any situation that they may have to face. They have an aura of self-confidence and self-assurance, which is apparent to others. People like to spend time with them; they feel comfortable and secure in their presence.In contrast, there are many people who are reasonably talented, but who lack self-confidence. These people are victims of the several myths that surround self-confidence.

Having lived without a lot of Self-Confidence in my younger years, I can tell you - Life is MUCH better with it. Self-Confidence opens doors. It allows you to live fully, to get in the game, to play full out. With Self-Confidence, you apply for the promotion, start the business, say YES to opportunities. With Self-Confidence, life is richer and fuller and a whole lot more FUN!

There are scores of talented actors and actresses who do very well in their professions but whose personal lives are torn by lack of self-confidence. It may sound contradictory, but this is how life is.Talent can be an important component of self-confidence, but it is certainly not a substitute for self-confidence. So, don't worry about lack of talent. Harness the skills that you possess.

Self-Confidence - like everything else - is a choice. You can CHOOSE to be more Self-Confident. At those times when you feel insecure, uncertain, or powerless, remind yourself that you're in charge and you can choose how you feel. You can choose to feel self-assured, certain, decisive, and positive. Here are seven ways to adopt an attitude of Self-Confidence:

By learning to consciously cultivate these attitudes you can learn to be confident. Like building muscles, you systematically, purposefully build confidence in yourself until you learn to rely on yourself without hesitation. Building self confidence is a cycle that can either serve you or break you down even further. The self confidence-cycle is self reinforcing - the more you act on your doubts, the more confidence you build and the more confidence you have the easier it is to just do it with certainty, the more you are willing to do...and the cycle continues.

Such people should look at children. Children believe in themselves, and this gives them the self-confidence to try to do things they have never done before, be it learning how to cycle or how to swim.In fact, no child comes into the world knowing all the skills. But it does not take long to teach children most of the basic skills. Then, why should it be difficult for adults to learn new skills or brave new challenges?Another myth is that only self-confident people can afford to take risks. This again is not true. In fact, self-confident people are more realistic about their capabilities. They know what they can do, and what they can't do. More importantly, they know how to deal with failures.

In contrast, people who lack self-confidence are afraid of failure. This fear prevents them from taking on new tasks. They constantly pine for the approval of others, and when they don't get it they end up losing their self-confidence.What is apparent is the lack of understanding. People must realize that self-confidence is a state of mind. It is not dependent upon a person's beauty or looks. It flows from a person's self-belief, and this belief can be built.All that a person needs to do is to debunk myths that self- confidence cannot be acquired or that self-confidence is a byproduct of exceptional knowledge, skills and luck. Once they do so, they will find it easier to acquire the same magnetic powers that self-confident people have.

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Self Belief Quotes

By Brian W. Adams

Recently, in a study at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience University College London, scientists found that subliminal messages are recorded by the brain.Unfortunately though many people fail to get meaningful results from the use of pre-recorded subliminal messages. Why is this so and what benefits might there be in using subliminal recording software?

An individual's ability in having concise and clear reason as to why they need specific subliminal therapy is very important in affecting subliminal acts. Having information in regards to the specific subliminal therapy you wish achieved is very important in affecting positive subliminal sessions. Research has it that people who have relevant information on subliminal therapy normally tend to have fast therapy results. Subliminal mp3 is the preferred therapy for most people interested in subliminal techniques.

There are quite a number of places one can visit to purchase subliminal therapy. Searching for good reputable auction sites is always recommended to people who wish to purchase subliminal therapies. It is very important for individuals to purchase subliminal from good auction sites which have good testimonials on them. Finding such sites is very easy, especially if you take advantage of internet search engines. All you need to do is type relevant keywords on search engines to affect relevant result. There are thousands of subliminal auction sites in the internet; these auction sites have various subliminal products with different prices on them. Product price and feature variation is very important when shopping for subliminal mp3. Should you find yourself unable to make right purchase decision, then inquiring from the shops attendant at the place you visit to make the purchase can help get desired subliminal products.

Is Subliminal Advertising Real? People may have differing views about it, but the general belief is that subliminal messages in advertising are indeed real. However, according to experts on subliminal programming, subliminal messages in ads cannot get consumers to buy something they don't really want. Going back to the basic mechanics of how subliminal messages work, these messages only speed up the decision making process or empower consumers to take action as a response to a need that they already have. Subliminal messages cannot plant needs, but they can reinforce needs and desires that are already present in the person's mind.

So subliminal messages are not something to be seriously warned against. After all, it even gives you an extra push to go for something that you really want deep inside. Unfortunately, some companies are known to use negative messages that border on sex and violence in order to catch people's attention. Subliminal programming is indeed a powerful tool, and it cannot be helped that some may take advantage of it to use it for purposes that are not exactly noble. So while subliminal advertising isn't really something to be scared about, it also helps to be aware of them. There are many ads and companies that have been known to use inappropriate themes as subliminals to attract more attention from consumers, and if you are aware of them, you can watch out for their ads.

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Monday, 28 October 2013

What Is The Linden Method? The Answers

By Cerise Demers

If you are having problems with yourself because you worry too much, maybe you are prone to having such behavioral abnormalities. To make sure about what to conclude, read The Linden Method. It is an electronic book about abnormal behaviors such as panic attacks, anxiety and traumatic disorders. This e-book also tackles about the symptoms and manifestations of these unfortunate conditions.

There are numerous options for treatment of this however, most medications and sessions given by doctors are not really curing, but only managing the symptoms of the condition. Surrounding yourself with just uncertain and costly method of treatment, adds up to your anxiety concerns. Well, you do not have to look no more, because the Linden Method comes to save you. What is the Linden Method anyway?

This is a recognized anxiety treatment all over the world. It is recommended by millions of medical experts and is proved to reach 96% success rate. This has cured over 100,000 people affected by anxiety conditions. The amazing fact about it is that its creator, Charles Linden has gone through the same situation most people are now suffering from. He had it since he was a teenager and had to bear all of the symptoms until 20 years old. But after a decision, he searched for an answer to his own problems. Then on 1996, he developed the method for himself. Now, after his recovery, he shared his work for others, making it a successful and trusted cure for anxiety conditions.

The product comes with an advisory that the medication cannot happen as fast as a snap of your fingers. The treatment process happens through time and will be very effective if you have self-work and perseverance. Remember, you cannot ever push yourself back to normal in an instant because the visibility of improvement comes gradually.

Unlike other anxiety courses, this book also pays attention to lifestyle a person should practice when coping with anxiety disorder. It also does not tolerate the use of cigarettes and liquor when practicing the method. And most importantly, the book focuses on health routines and disallows the use of prescribed drugs that can definitely cause side-effects. This book indeed deserves a 5 out of 5 rating. I give my two thumbs up for this.n my own view point, this book would bring great results to anxiety disorder patients. If practiced well can wipe panic attacks in your life. So, if you're serious in killing the key culprit, then there is no other way but to download this eBook and do the installation to your computer afterward. Just continue the battle and I hope The Linden Method Review I made will serve as your basic guide.

There are many folks out in the world today that suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. Such suffering can cause people to avoid social scenes and events such as family events. Their jobs maybe effected as they will feel that they are unable to deal with the pressures and strains of their own working environment. This can cause upset to the individual who suffers from this illness and its not a pretty sight to see.

The Linden Method is suitable for people of all ages. However, there is a specific junior edition which is designed for the children of age 8 to 15. Whenever, the part of the brain perceives a threat it cause a person to panic, despite the fact that nothing actually exists.The Linden Method stops the amygdala from producing unnecessary fear.

This system is basically a self help course you can use to help defeat anxiety and panic in your life. It is authored and produced by a guy called Charles Linden. Charles had suffered from anxiety himself for many years, but eventually came up with his own method of controlling his anxiety levels and eventually living the life he wanted to live. As soon as he knew of a way that helped him get his life back, he immediately started to help people improve their lives of which they had been suffering from anxiety!

ThisMethod is a certain way to treat panic attacks; the technique of the method is fairly simple. In 2000, the U.S. National Institute of Mental Health explained how the method works.It will take a month or so for the program to work completely and cure you. Once you get the results, you will like them.The best thing about this Method is the drug free rule, as there are no medicines, you will not get any side effects but you will be able to get rid of panic attacks.The downloadable version of the Linden Method costs $87. When you will buy the package, you will also be give free consultation from specialists.You will get,Linden Method Manual eBook,16 Audio Tracks,Journey out of Agoraphobia audio program,5 "Conquer with" video presentations,1 year of 24-hour email and telephone support,and new additions are made every year.

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Natural Remedies For Depression - Have You Considered Vitamins For A Depressive Disorder

By Adrian M. Felton

Aided by the widespread appeal in the direction of more organic and natural kinds of treatments, many who are afflicted by a depressive disorder look for natural remedies for depression symptoms. And when they begin their exploration, they learn about a wide range of available alternatives open to them.Due to countless numbers of people suffering from depression all around the planet, the indicators and symptoms are generally very well-known. They consist of feelings of despair, irritability, tiredness and a lack of desire for activities, which normally had been quite enjoyable to them.

Since depression can be attributed to a chemical imbalance in the body, it is helpful to find some natural remedies that will alter your chemical processes to produce more serene, uplifting and calm thoughts. Essential oils are a gentle and effective way to treat a variety of your body's ailments. They can be used with a carrier oil for a massage, a few drops can be added to a bath or they can be used in a diffuser. There are quite a lot of impure essential oils being marketed today that may still have some aroma but will not have the potency to aid in the re-balancing of the body. Check your local health store as well as a variety of online sources to locate reputable essential oil manufacturers. Young Living Essential Oils is a quality manufacturer and has an excellent website with valuable information about essential oils and company practices. Some essential oils used for depression are lavender, bergamot, clary sage, orange and ylang-ylang.

Vitamins As Natural Remedies For Depression.Listed below are a few of the vitamin supplements that professionals have pointed out as natural remedies for depression symptoms:Vitamin B1 - Thiamine is a necessary nutrient which helps the brain to operate properly by working to transform glucose into energy. But if the intake of Vitamin B1 is not high enough, you may end up drained, anxious, cranky or even depressed.

Physical Therapies.There are physical practices that can be used to cure depression naturally. They include; Moving the body:Exercising is very important. This is because it helps in releasing endorphins that create happiness in the body. These endorphins acts naturally like anti-depressants. Different types of body movements or exercises can help in reducing stress. They help in relaxing the body, mind and eventually reducing depression symptoms. Exercising also increases flexibility, energy and balance. This ensures a healthy body and mind in a safe, easy and effective way.Massage:

Massage helps in relaxing the body through a special touch. Your body and mind are interconnected in a special way. Touch therapies are based on this premises. As such, massage help in promoting both physical and emotional health. Naturally, massage cures depression because when the body is relaxed through touch therapy, the mind relaxes as well. This ensures that your mind ensures better health reduced depression and better overall well being.

Depression doesn't usually happen overnight, and it may take you some time to recognize that you are actually depressed. Sometimes you live with some of the symptoms for a long time until a family member or friend points out that there's something wrong.If you've been experiencing any of those symptoms, then you should seriously consider seeking help, and continue reading the holistic approach that has helped many combat times of depression.Herbal medicine is medicine based on using plants or plant extracts. I've always been more trusting of things that are natural, and so when anyone needs a natural cure for depression, I always recommend natural cures.It's sad that most of the medicine that is made for fighting the symptoms of depression can be addictive or have very negative side-effects. I always prefer using an infusion, a herbal treatment or herbal pills, rather than using pharmaceuticals.

Boil seeds of 2 cardamoms in 1 cup of water with tea (avoid black tea). Add honey for taste and drink it twice a day.Blanch 5-7 rosemary leavesin 1 cup boiling of water, add honey, wait 3 minutes and drink.Boil a few rose petals in 1cup of water. Add honey for taste. Drink occasionally in place of your usual tea or coffee.Add to 1 cup boiling water 1/4 teaspoon Indian basil (tulsi) and 1/2 teaspoon of sage. Drink twice a day.Make a tea with 1/2 teaspoon each of ashvagandha and brahmi in 1 cup boiling water. Let steep for 10 minutes. Drink 2 or 3 times a day.Eat an apple with milk and honey. It will recharge your energy, uplifting your mood.Cook 3-4 tablespoons of oatmeal to 1 cup of rice milk or soy milk, boil and stir for 1 minute on low temperature.

Add honey, maple syrup, fresh or dried fruits, nuts, and almonds.Eat cashew nuts. A rich source of the B vitamin group that is extremely beneficial in treating depression. It stimulates the appetite, energy levels and promotes activeness.Aromatherapy. Helps the body to relax and revive the nervous system. Inhalation of some herbal oils like rose, jasmine, lime, and grapefruit are considered a natural remedy for depression. Flowers that smell good also help with eliminating depression.Relaxation is one effective measure in treating depression. Take daily walks. Fresh air and deep breathing exercises help in relaxation. A bath for one hour daily is also helpful in the treatment of depression. Get the proper amount of sleep, not too much and not to little. There are many ways, remedies, treatments, and cures for depression.These 10 listed here are simple and homemade, being found usually in one's own kitchen. And the walking, sleeping, breathing of fresh air and flowers are all free and available to all. Take advantage of what nature has already provided.

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Many Nursing Short Stories Around

By Rachael Gutierrez

There are many nursing short stories that can be heard around this planet. People everywhere are very amazed at how these lovely ladies take the time to care about individuals who are suffering from some type of illness. Once in awhile these wonderful medical people will meet a stranger that really touches their heart.

Some time in the past an American girl had made up her mind to work for the people involved in medicine. She was a great older sister towards her younger siblings and they loved her very much. This woman was able to guide them through many difficult times through their lives. No one was surprised when graduated from the best medical university.

A major hospital within the area hired her without hesitation. They made sure that she received the very best training by placing her with a very stern physician during her work hours. This doctor was very good looking but he was also very arrogant and evil towards other people.

This physician had in fact hurt her feelings but still she was able to carry on her duties. Some time had passed and she eventually learned more about this medical man and the tragedies that happened within his life. His wife had died of a heart attack and his only child was killed in an automobile wreck two years earlier. Her heart really went out towards this human being even though they were sometimes at odds.

She found herself working very close with him each and every day of the week for quite a few hours. The two of them cared for a man stricken with cancer and they were both in attendance when he died. She even cried on his strong shoulders as the other attendants removed the body from the room. The woman begin to feel very close to this dear doctor who showed great empathy for his patients.

She almost had a heart attack after this good looking evil physician wanted a date. It also bothered her to actually date someone that she worked with because of wagging tongues. He was not the type to take "no" for an answer and eventually she gave in.

Eventually the duo went on even more dates since the first one went so well. They soon became lovers and everyone at their hospital would call them "Romeo and Juliet". This woman had no idea that she would find true love at this place that was a haven for sick people. What was even more surprising was that she found herself making love to this man wherever possible while they were at work.

Unfortunately not all nursing short stories have a very happy ending. Everyone within the hospital found out that this dedicated physician still had a wife at home and they shared no children at all. He had made up the entire story about his family because he was a sex maniac. His wife on the other hand was a very vengeful woman who decided to end his life with a bullet. His mistress was also killed in the process.

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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Wallace Wattles Science Of Getting Rich Lessons

By Sergio S. Brooks

The Science of Getting Rich pre-dates Napoleon Hill's classic "Think and Grow Rich". Yet both contain some quite similar ideas.The basic idea of Science of Getting Rich is that you need to focus on what you want. Wallace D Wattles says "No thought of form can be impressed upon Original Substance without causing the creation of the form".

Wattles refers to the certain way in a couple of different contexts, but the essence of his message is that you will enjoy success by transcending your competitive mind and instead operating from the realm of your creative mind.The competitive mind is the place from which most of your daily life and that of those around you operates. It is the mentality that resources are scarce, times are tough, and there must be winners and losers. It leads to a natural sense of distrust and inherent competition in everything we think or do.

If you're reading this on a computer screen, the computer, it's screen and the internet connection that led you to this article were all originally thoughts. So was the building you're probably sitting in. The road outside, the cars on it, the electricity powering your computer. Near enough everything surrounding you.That's all well and good. But how do you get something to change from being a figment of your imagination to actually manifesting itself in your life? Much like Napoleon Hill, Wattles argues that you need to think hard about it. The more vividly you can imagine, the more real you make it in your imagination, the quicker it will appear in your life.

The creative mind, on the other hand, is the mind that is in harmony with the natural state of the Universe. It operates from the perspective of infinite abundance and the purpose of increasing life for the benefit of everyone. Its focus is on helping and serving others.

Zig Ziglar said that you will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want. This is an attitude born from the perspective of the creative mind. And it represents a theme that is universal amongst all of the masters. The path to fulfilling your purpose and to living your dream is through the service you provide to others.

Here comes a movie which tells the truth, the stuff that that "The Master Teacher" was trying to get into our cerebral area 2000 years ago. He was ridiculed to the point of crucifixion. "Whatsoever things ye ask for when ye pray, believe that you receive them, and ye shall have them," said Jesus. I'll admit that I read the same book that Ronda Byrne's says changed her life "The Science of Getting Rich".

When you transcend the competitive mind and make a habit of operating from your creative mind instead, by law of reciprocity, you get back what you give. That is in fact the way riches come to you and it is one of the basic tenets of what Wattles teaches in The Science of Getting Rich.As you all know the movie The Secret has taken the world by storm. It's been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show several times, on Ellen, Larry King Live, as well as several print publications to include Newsweek, People, The New York Times, & Time Magazine.Since watching the The Secret movie about a year ago, my life has taken a turn from going nowhere to becoming something I never had dreamed of, a Millionaire.

Wallace Wattles also says: Never look at the visible supply. Look always at the limitless riches in formless substance, and KNOW that they are coming to you as fast as you can receive and use them. This may seem difficult to comprehend when you see lack and limitation around you. My advice is stop looking for things to confirm your preconceived ideas. Watch the cloud formation in the sky, instead of trash on TV. Or even better as Mr. Wattles advises to spend your free time creating a picture of what you want.

In the movie you learn about the Law of Attraction, and how your thoughts, what you focus on tends to draw similar things into your life. You learn about how to begin to think and feel differently, and as a result begin to bring more wonderful people, things and events into your life. The free lessons and the complete Secret Science of Getting Rich program takes learning and applying The Law of Attraction to a new level.

By applying the principles taught in The Science of Getting Rich program. It's EASY to attract ANYTHING you can imagine or desire.If you haven't watched the movie yet, You can purchase it here.If you HAVE seen The Secret, then you need to take advantage of the free lessons offered by Micheal Beckwith, Bob Proctor, and Jack Canfield.The Official Secret Teachers will show you how to use the Law of Attraction to bring more positive and wonderful things into your life. If you like to free lessons then you can go on to take the longer course which is bound to be full of lots of information that you can use to greatly increase the flow of positive things into your life.

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Wallace Wattles PDF Book The Science Of Getting Rich: Foundation Of Other Law Of Attraction Theories

By Jordan R. Masten

Wallace D. Wattles (1860 - 1911) was the author of his best known book 'The Science of getting Rich'. Published over a century ago, Wallace Wattles Science of Getting Rich remains an interesting read for anyone interested in improving themselves through the Law of Attraction.This powerful book is intended for men and women who have made their minds up that they want to get rich. Only by aligning ourselves with the positive forces of natural laws can we gain unlimited access to the creative mind and its abundant rewards. The Science of Getting Rich holds the secret to how economic and emotional security can be achieved in a practical way while maintaining a loving and harmonious relationship with all of life.

Everything we see, smell, taste, touch, hear and experience is created from one thing - our thoughts which are energy. And everything you see in your life was a thought before it became manifest. The car you drive, the house you live in, the job you have, the places you go, the friends you talk to; they all started with thoughts.Our life is not just a random selection of things thrown at us at random times. What we have in our lives is there because of the thoughts we have. At one point you had to decide what car you were going to drive, even if it was not what you really wanted to be driving, your thoughts directed you to the decision you made (even if the truth of your logic was faulty ie. you told yourself you could not afford anything better).

So, if you are ready to make that mind leap then read this absolutely fascinating book, it teaches the importance of focused attention, and the importance of going out and doing something rather than wishfully hoping for wealth to come your way. Take positive action now.All that is has been created through thought; man also has the power to create through his thoughts; by choosing e.g. wealth, the universe expands (which is its natural order); to manifest what you have expanded from the non-physical into the physical reality, you do so through internal mental techniques such as visualisation, vibrational alignment, faith and gratitude.

Second, Many well-known Law of Attraction theories are based on this exact Science of Getting Rich book, now available to you in PDF. Ronda Rhymes, author of the unbelievable success The Secret, refers to this book as one of the turning point of her life. The same thing is true of Bob Proctor, also a very successful Law of Attraction guru. Even those who don't explicitly talk about The Science of Getting Rich were greatly inspired by it. If you have read other books about the power of the mind, you surely noticed that they are very similar to the original book by Wallace D. Wattles, written in 1910. The vast majority of other theories were greatly influenced by The Science of Getting Rich, available for everyone in PDF.

Third, Where other teach that you can control everything with your mind, The Science of Getting Rich insists on taking ACTIONS. Wallace D. Wattles is clear about this fact in 2 chapters called "Acting in a Certain Way" and "Efficient Action". In fact, Wattles even warns us against the temptation of relying solely on the power of the mind to attract riches to our life. According to the author of The Science of Getting Rich, the lack of focus on Actions is the most important reason why so many other theories about the power of the mind fail. As Mr. Wattles says it, by cultivating a certain state of mind, you may "attract" the things you want... but it is only through efficient actions that you will get what you want. The Science of Getting Rich doesn't ask people to work like workaholics, but to act efficiently.

Visualize, It is necessary to visualize: according to "The Science of Getting Rich," this holding of your vision in the "Thinking Substance" will cause your desires to form. Holding your vision should be a part of your work in leisure hours. Contemplate your vision and firmly fix it in memory, see the picture of your future in your mind's eye. Some find it helpful to make a vision board with pictures of the objects of their intentions and desires: while this can help it is not necessary. Make a vision board if it serves you, but don't get hung up on it.

Those four points are, according to me, some key differences between The Science of Getting Rich book, available in PDF for copyright reasons, and other Law of Attraction books.So many have been on the search for the perfect formula for getting rich, just like the endless search for the secret formula for staying young. The Science Of Getting Rich was written by Wallace D. Wattles, a year before his death. And he has given everyone a chance to get rich as it discusses an unusual method for attaining wealth. Mr. Wattles preached against competitive economic practices and everybody should concern themselves with the improvement of the world.

Mr. William Wattles knew that in order to have a complete and successful life, one has to be rich. And he has recognized and has written in his book that no man can rise to his greatest potential in both talent and soul unless he has the money. The reason for this is one will not be able to develop the soul and talent if one does not have the money for it's development. He has recognized that the money indeed makes the world go round and society operates that way so man must have the money to become the owner of things. Therefore the building block for the advancement for man is the Science Of Getting Rich.

How riches come to you is if your business transactions operate on the basis of fair exchange i.e. you give the buyer something of greater use value than the cash value you take. In addition, we must ask largely for what we want, have a clear picture in our mind and claim it as if it were already ours. In other words, we must dream big, see it clearly and behave as if we have already achieved the thing we desire in order for it to be. This is possibly the most powerful concept in the book and is explored in other books such as The Secret by Rhonda Byrne and Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill.A mental attitude of gratitude can be the one thing missing from people who live their lives rightly in all other. This lack of gratitude keeps them in poverty. Gratitude will ensure your thinking is that of supply as unlimited. Faith is born of gratitude. The grateful mind expects good things, and expectation becomes faith. It's good to cultivate the habit of gratefulness and give thanks continuously. It can be a good idea to keep a gratitude diary on your bedside table and writing 3 things daily that you are grateful for. This will bring you into harmonious relations with the good in everything, and the good in everything will move toward you.

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Award Winning Authors In Today's World

By Kelly Wood

The ability to manipulate the written word in such a manner that it becomes a valuable commodity is a talent well sought after by writers around the world. Each dream of the day when they will step onto a stage to accept a coveted award. This proves that they have got to the stage where they are recognized as having made a valuable contribution to the world. Award winning authors have made their mark on the pages of world history. They have been able to keep pace with the dramatic and often controversial changes that society has undergone. In doing so they have secured their success and livelihood.

Those who look on at the life of an accomplished writer from the outside may think it is all as simple as it appears to be. This is not so however and many such onlookers may be surprised to learn that those writers who have met success have done so through a good balance of planning and talent. Critical to their success is due consideration for the target audience as well as savvy marketing strategies.

Traditional writers typically had the assistance of experts like editing and publishing personnel. A team comprising these experts would be responsible for ensuring that the work made it to the shelves of book stores in the best possible quality. They would also help to market the product through events such as book signings.

Marketing through modern technology is the way to go for authors who are pushing for global recognition. Social media sites can be used to promote new and older works and reach a wider target audience. Additionally, a blog goes a long way in garnering more support for an author's work.

Today, blogs and social media platforms are used to promote different books and literary works. Through a blog, an author can maintain touch with the fan base. They may even be able to garner support for another work or a fellow writer. Sometimes blog subscribers are able to guide writers into honing their craft in such a way that their success becomes even more pronounced over time.

Self publishing is another great option that is available to today's writers. Many writers are now converting their literary work into e-books (or electronic books). These are soft copies of the work that can be sold online for those who prefer to read using one of a number of hand held gadgets that facilitate this. The formatting of the book as well as other elements such as the cover and illustrations, can all be handled via the internet.

Of course working online does not necessarily mean that the publishers and editors are obsolete. Many writers still rely on these experts to get their work, even in the electronic format, ready for the world. Today's editors and publishers must therefore be aware of the many web-based opportunities that can be used to promote and market a book.

Undoubtedly, those writers who have attained world class fame are enjoying the fruits of their labor. Those who aspire to reach the heights attained by the world's award winning authors should look to technology. They should ensure that they are ready to present their literary art to the world in a format that will be recognized by the world.

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Saturday, 26 October 2013

How To Build Self-Confidence

By Mary R. Joyce

Self-confidence is a very important thing a public speaker should gain yet many struggle to obtain it. If one does not have enough confidence in him self and takes on the stage to speak in front of many people, tendencies are he might not have the strength to even start his speech, or mess it all up on the way and be embarrassed vowing not to speak in public ever again. It is a good thing self-confidence can be learned and built on by anybody, especially by those who really have the sincere desire to come out from their shell and shine. It's just that attaining self-confidence does not have a short cut. It is a matter of long preparation, practice, and good mind setting.

The perception you choose for yourself, good or bad, is how you showcase yourself to the world. If you choose to showcase yourself as a loser then that is how the world will see you. How can you expect the world to treat you better than how you treat yourself?With that in mind I decided to share my tricks for building self-confidence and becoming the person that you've always wanted to be. The first technique I recommend for building self confidence is to use positive affirmations.Affirmations.These are the stock weapon for most players in the self-help, personal development, and motivational industries, and they are so prevalent for a reason - they work. Most people like to use affirmations as a tool to remind themselves of the good and positive things in their life. While this certainly is a big part of affirmations it fails to address the need to foster the traits that you might not currently possess but wish to in the future.

Affirmations are about both of these - reminding yourself of your existing positive traits but also encouraging personal growth towards developing new behaviours.Tips for writing your own affirmations.Target all aspects of yourself - physical, personality, relationships, leadership etc.They must be uplifting - you must finish reading them with a big smile on your face.Be ultra-positive, even if you don't 100% believe it at the time.No negative words, even if they are double negatives (e.g. "I am beautiful" is much better than "I am not ugly"),Repeat them to yourself in the mirror - tell yourself how great you are.Read them to yourself every single day (preferably twice a day)

All of these tips should prove very useful on your path toward self-confidence. However, remember that self-confidence isn't only about not worrying what other people think or having a vision - it's mainly about constantly expanding your comfort zone and improving yourself. Keep that in mind while building your self-confidence.Building a better self-confidence is an ever ongoing task. Even if you have a low self-confidence today there are ways you can improve it. One way to improve your self-confidence is to start with the inside of you. Here you are going to learn a few self-confidence tips to make this possible.

Why should you build self-confidence from the inside? The reason is that anything you build should have a foundation, and the foundation of who you are come from the inside of you. It is in the depth inside of you that you can find the real you. When you are confident about the real you it is much easier to bring out your confidence in the outer world.

Journalism English and Writing Skills provides educational materials on Campus Journalism, Writing, the four English skills namely Speaking, Reading, Writing, and Listening.If you are reading this, it's because you want to know how to build self confidence. There are in fact a multitude of ways to build up your confidence. You will surely find a number of tips and techniques on the web all talking about boosting your confidence. Today, however, I want to focus on just one very powerful way you can build your confidence up.

Know that true beauty comes from the inside. You might say this is a cliche but in that case it is a true cliche. When you are pleased with yourself on the inside it will show on the outside. You can have all the qualities for outer beauty, but if you dont feel beautiful on the inside it will affect your outer look negatively. Most people are spending a fortune and a lot of time (=life) to fix their outer look, when what really makes one successful is the inner look. When your inside is beautiful your outer presence will shine.

Know Yourself.Step one - take the time to get to know yourself inside out, to start the process of learning how to build self confidence. A lack of self confidence is often caused by taking the opinions of others to heart, and allowing your self-worth to be determined by your situation. Develop a method that will allow you to tune out distractions and focus on your inner dialogue. One way to do this is by writing down your thoughts, and in the process deciding what is most important to you. You will realize, as you are doing this, that learning how to build self confidence is often a matter of self-discovery rather than one of changing yourself. Many people also find that doing research on how the body and mind works, and thereby understanding the science and complexities of the mind, very helpful. Thereby you gain a much deeper awareness of who you truly are. You should also find it much easier to complete the nest step in building self confidence.

Create something in stillness. When you spend time alone and in stillness you feed your creative vein. Why do you think many poets, artists, authors, musicians spend time alone? Because the loneliness gives them the chance to create from the inside. Why do you think people are destroying the world today? Because they are in such a hurry all the time so they dont see the beauty of the world. When you calm down and walk slowly all the beauty of the world will reveal itself to you.

Say I love you. These three words are universal and very powerful. When you feel love for someone or something you feel good, and when you express the words with emotions to anybody your self confidence will multiply. You can say I love you to another human, but you can also say it to life or to a flower, a tree or an animal. We all have our own beloved ones. When you express your love you make someone happy, and make their self-confidence grow and when you get another humans self-confidence to grow your own self-confidence will grow. Dont forget the most important person to express your love to, yourself. Because if you dont have love for yourself you will certainly not have any love to give to others.

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Daily Inspirational Quotes - Start Each Day With Inspiring Quotes

By Antonio G. Clerk

Motivation can move mountains. The power of the human mind, and its superiority over the physical body, has long been proven. The human race is said to be the most superior among all of God's creation. Over time humans have learned to control the mind. We have strived to reach our ambitions and goals. Yet there are times that we tend to get off track from our purpose and meaning. This is only natural because humans go through highs and lows over time.

Significance of Motivational Quotes.Surely you have noticed that when you begin to feel low or depressed, it can affect your productivity and output. Your efficiency tends to suffer, and ultimately your enthusiasm wanes. This is when you need some motivation to get you back on your feet. One great way to increase your enthusiasm is to read motivational quotes. Just the simple practice of reading motivational quotes can help you in ways that you never imagined before.

Your fears are not about the depression of 1933, or about the Second World War, which many people think Roosevelt was referring to. Whatever your fears, it is inspirational to be reminded that fear, especially the formless fear of the unknown, is the true enemy of living a joyful and productive life. As another example, consider Helen Keller's words, "Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing." Helen Keller overcame being deaf and blind from the age of 19 months to become an author and social activist. In that context, the quote has an extra "wow" factor - that someone bearing those burdens could still speak of an ideal life as a daring adventure. Nonetheless, as an inspirational quote to guide your own life, Keller's words, independent of their context, are a powerful reminder to focus on the big picture - what you came here to do.

How do you make maximum use of motivational quotes? One great way to use motivational quotes is to help you develop a more positive and optimistic approach toward your life. We can easily find great quotes in inspirational books, biographies, in movies and from motivational speakers. These sources are great tools and opportunities for changing your outlook and boosting your self-confidence.

Shakespeare was very thoughtful when he said that there is nothing like bad or good but our thinking can make it so. We must take our responsibility to clean grimes from our windows. We must accept the consequences when we don't clean the glass but look towards our life through that smeared glass only. Otherwise we must show courage and clean our window by taking out our squeeze. This will make our dreams alive again.

Many sites are of boring nature and it concentrates on amount of quotes rather than its worth. Top sites will deliver some old quotes of values. According to me, the principle of the site is that the quotes should be motivational. It should be forceful, profound and should produce vibration within you. It means that the words should be good one.The trouble in it is the websites that say that they have the best quotes are the sites who has least number of quality quotes. We have to read infinite quotes to choose the best 100 among them. Some sites will rejoice that they have about thousand's quotations available; do you wish to read every quote available? Definitely no, the way to get the best is to get the site that had taken some of the best quotation from lot of other sites and condensed them into a single site. It means get a quote site that contains good one.

For over 25 years Dr. Arnold has been CEO of Windhorse Corp., where he assists the nation's top speakers, coaches, authors, entertainers, business owners and sales executives. He is the author of "How the Top 1% of Speakers and Coaches Do Internet Marketing".His mission is single focused: to help his clients learn the insider secrets how the Top 1% of Speakers earn massive amounts of money with their speaking career in the most direct and easiest way possible.If you are hoping to learn a little more about daily motivational quotes, than you have certainly come to the right place. This article is going to give you a good introduction to these quotes, give you some insight on where they came from, and also give you a bit of advice on how they might best be used.

You should understand that quotes that are meant to motivate and inspire people are nothing all that new or unique. In fact, they have literally been around for centuries and centuries passed on by word of mouth. Some of them are fairly recent in comparison, but the point being, they all come from a varying list of sources.Now, you should better understand where many of these motivational quotes actually came from. In many cases, these quotes were spoken by a particular person in order to help encourage or motivate another person or group of people in the face of some dramatic event occurring at the time. Whether that be war, famine, drought, halftime with a losing score or what have you, the point was that the audience needed to be motivated and motivated they were.

But you won't make any sales. It won't get customers through the door, it won't get them interested in investing their time and money with you, and it won't put profits in your bank account.And that's why you're in business, isn't it? Or are you in it just for the fun of it (and the "likes" and inane but oh-so-supportive and w00ty comments)? See, there's nothing wrong with wasting time with "activity" if that's what you want to do. It's your life. It's up to you.But a lot of business owners fool themselves into thinking "activity" is the same as "achievement", and it's not. Get onto Facebook and before you know it, you've lost a whole evening of your life (it's the only life you're ever going to get, and every second wasted is a second you will never, ever get back).And trust me, you cannot put Facebook "likes" on the table and eat them.So I know what the smart money's on, and it's not on the chances of you making money from the next endorphin-rush you get with those quotes, no matter how motivational they may be.Nothing, I repeat nothing gets things done like taking action does.Look entrepreneurial success really does not have to be a struggle.But it can be, if you don't know the easy way to do it. Jon McCulloch is perhaps Europe's top direct response marketing expert (and he's definitely the most irreverent and Non-PC one you'll ever meet).

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Bob Proctor Knows The Science Of Getting Rich

By John R. Gibbons

Is there a scientific formula that can make anyone rich? Well almost 100 years ago, during the year 1910, Wallace D. Wattles came out with his breakthrough masterpiece the, "Science of Getting Rich". Inside of this timeless classic, Wattles states that getting rich is a predictable outcome when one masters a certain method. Therefore, it is no accident that one obtains wealth, but a reaction of doing things in a certain way, and when man or woman learns these principles there is no limit to their success.

Basically using the law of attraction boils down to setting up a daily cycle in your life.Visualize an outcome - see the result,Take note of the ideas that come to mind,See the world in the context of this vision,Notice new things, create a mindset that appreciates things rather than discounts them,Add in these things to your vision and let the vision morph,Take action in anyway that you can on these ideas and on your vision,Repeat morning and night every day.Wattles states:You must form a clear and definite mental picture of what you want; you cannot transmit an idea before you have it yourself. You must have it before you can give it; and many people fail to impress Thinking Substance because they have themselves only a vague and misty concept of the things they want to do, have, or to become.If you close your eyes right now can you see a picture of what you want in your life? Can you step into it and feel, smell, and hear? Wattles says: It is not enough that you should have a general desire for wealth "to do good with" everybody has that desire.

Bob Proctor was once like the rest of us, looking for a way to make more money and become financially wealthy. He was given a long forgotten book written by Delois Wattles called the Science of Getting Rich and his life was forever changed. Bob recognized the potential contained within the book and used it to amass wealth and success.

An added bonus to this program is an in-built vehicle for producing wealth through many avenues that can be established in no time at all and with great ease due to the abundance of tools and resources making this truly a profound educational opportunity for building wealth that is masterfully designed to empower anyone with what it takes to achieve financial freedom.Are you familiar with the book 'The Science of Getting Rich?' I just finished reading this book yet again, and I find myself almost haunted by the simplicity of its teachings. Yet, don't be fooled by the simplicity, the teachings in this book are very powerful and it literally provides the for attracting financial abundance into your life.The Science of Getting Rich was originally published in 1910 and was written by Wallace Wattles. It's gained something of a rebirth in popularity over the past several years, particularly with the more recent popularity of the film The Secret. That's because Rhonda Byrne, creator of The Secret, cited Wattles' book as one of her principal influences in creating the film.

Proctor decided that this method should not be kept secret. Although he doesn't come right out and tell you how to get rich, there are enough hints and exercises contained in the program he modeled after this book that anyone could find the answers to their problems and gain wealth for themselves. Who better to learn how to become rich than someone who has used the method and been successful in fulfilling his dreams?

There is a certain way to acquire riches.The Law of Cause and Effect states that if you take certain actions, certain actions will result. So, if you take the actions you need to become rich, you will become rich. Once you learn the laws that govern wealth, and you apply those laws, you won't have any trouble getting rich.Getting rich has nothing to do with your environment.We've all known people who came from some of the roughest environments you can imagine: the inner city, the mountains of Appalachia and others. No matter what kind of environment you are in, no matter how you were raised, if you want to achieve success, you will.

Environment goes far beyond where you live though or how you grew up. Race, religion, sex, and other factors are part of your environment. These factors don't matter when it comes to success though because you will always find both rich and poor in any environment.Talent isn't a factor in getting rich.Hollywood, as well as the rest of the world, is populated with plenty of people who don't have a lot of talent. What they do have is the drive and ambition to succeed, and they know what they need to do to achieve their goals.As a writer, I see this more than in just about any profession there is: writers think that because they are talented, or they have written the "Great American Novel," that all they have to do is be discovered, and it will launch them into best seller status.

To be fair, the book, first published in 1910, didn't, even in 1910, stand alone in the annals of what is now called "new thought." At the turn of the century, Wattles contemporaries, Judge Thomas Troward, William Walker Atkinson, and many others offered their take on the universal laws that governed the universe and how individuals could create, seemingly, incredible results at will. Countless others, both before and after Wattles generation, have added their voices to this stream of thought.Where Wattles departed from those that preceded him, his contemporaries, and most current new thought authors, was in focusing squarely on money and, in no uncertain terms, getting rich.

Build a mental picture of what you want.You have to build a mental picture of everything that you want in life in as much details as possible. For Instance, if you want to have a million dollars, see yourself earning that million dollars. However, most importantly visualize what you'll do with that money. See yourself buying the things that you want, helping people financially, etc.When you begin to see in your mind that you are wealthy, then you have made your first step to riches.Believe you will get rich.The second step to do things in a certain way and create wealth is to believe in your riches, once you've seeing yourself wealthy.

Regardless, successful people come from every strata of society. In the United States, almost half of all successful self employed people don't have a high school diploma. Getting an education or being intellectually brilliant really isn't necessary.You don't need to choose a particular business.Whatever the business, there are millionaires in just about every business enterprise. The most important thing to remember here is to choose a business you like, and place your business where your customers are.If you want to sell ice cream, sell in a place where it's hot. It won't do too well in a place that's cold.The bottom line is that regardless of your circumstances, you have the ability to get rich if you want to. If you are willing to do what it takes to succeed, and you don't make excuses, you will succeed.

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Friday, 25 October 2013

How To Fix Your Credit Report - Fix Your Credit Report In 3 Easy Steps

By Kelly R. Crumble

If your credit situation is less than ideal and you are trying to buy a home, you probably are interested in repairing your credit fast. While there are certainly things that you can do to quickly improve your credit situation, it is important that you have realistic expectations. If you have had a recent foreclosure or bankruptcy, it simply is not going to be possible to repair your credit quickly. However, if most of your recent bills have been paid on time and your problems are a bit older, there is quite a bit that you can do to improve your overall credit situation.

The bureaus won't provide your score for free (you have to pay them for that), but it is still important to see what information they have about your past credit transactions. That way, if something is wrong, you can correct it.After all, if you paid a bill on time -- but it was reported by a collection's agency as not paid -- you're going to want that false information removed.Make sure you have a credit card.There are two types of credit that are reported to the credit bureaus -- revolving and installment credit.Installment credit is bills that you pay a certain amount towards each month -- like your car payments, mortgage payments, student loans, etc.

Once you have the results of your disputes, you will want to move on to the next step for any accounts that were not successfully removed from your credit report. Depending on who is currently servicing the accounts, you will want to go through the 623 method or the debt validation method. In both of these strategies, you are dealing directly with the account holder and requiring them to prove to you specific information regarding your account. If they cannot do this, they are not legally allowed to report to the credit bureaus.

If these methods are not successful in getting a negative account removed from your credit report, you will want to do a pay for delete. This is where the creditor agrees to remove an account from your credit file in exchange for you paying the account in full.While you are working on credit repair, don't forget that paying down revolving debt is one of the best ways to improve your credit score.You can improve your credit score yourself by disputing the personal information that has been compiled in your credit reports from the Big 3 Credit Bureaus -- Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.Your first order of business is ordering your free credit report online at There is no charge for this service.

Next, be aware of your financial limitations and do your best to pay your creditors on time. While following the first two steps in this article, it is imperative that you continue to pay your debts in a timely manner to fix your credit report. If you have had trouble paying your bills on time in the past, consider using a dedicated calendar in your home just for paying bills. In addition to using a calendar to track your due dates and payments, you should also consider using any of the free automatic bill pay options that many creditors offer. Having your payments made automatically for you is a great way to ensure that you are paying your bills on time every month.

By charging to both cards -- and paying off both cards -- it shows credit bureaus that you have two accounts to which you are making on-time payments.You are looking for ways to fix your credit. The number one thing to do is to be sure that your monthly bills are paid in full by the due date. If you need assistance remembering when to remit payments, you can set up some sort of payment reminder. You can find various methods that will assist you in doing so. With the information age upon us, the possibilities are endless. There are many computer programs available to help with reminders, and now since phones have become mini computers, you can set up payment reminders on your phone. Which ever way works best for you.

You should be aware that both the CRA and the business which provided originally submitted negative information to the credit bureaus are responsible for ensuring the reported information they are adding to your credit report remains accurate and timely. They have a vested interest in getting the story right. This is where you likely will find the errors, and where you will have the best opportunity to challenge black marks and derogatories hurting your credit score.

Obviously, steer clear of any tactic that may get you in trouble, or arrested. Such too-good-to-be-true scams are all over the World Wide Web. Usually they pitch that they can cause your bad credit history disappear to be replaced with a brand new shiny one. Don't fall for this scam. It is illegal, and you will find yourself in deep trouble. Simply paying for court defense will end up costing you a lot more than you would save, and you probably will go to jail.

Your real key to repairing your credit is to write an effective letter to the CRA (that is, the "Consumer Reporting Agency") pointing out specific information you have identified which is inaccurate. When sending this type of letter, attach copies (not the originals) of all important, relevant documents supporting your case.You must provide the CRA with your complete name, your address, plus contact information. Moreover, your credit dispute letter needs to clearly identify each item in your report you dispute. Simply state the facts and explain why you are now disputing the information. Be clear that you demand deletion and removal of this information. You can easily follow the template of a sample credit repair letter to craft your own dispute letter.

It's never a bad idea to include one copy of your credit report, using a highlighter pen to make items in question stand out. Add notes in the margins. Send your letter by certified mail, return receipt requested, so you can document what the CRA received. Remember to keep a copy of your dispute letter and all related enclosures. Keep them in an oversized envelope, with the date you mailed them written on the outside of the envelope. This will help you track progress.Improving your credit score is worth the effort, because a higher credit score will help you qualify for better terms on a home or car loan, and it will also help you keep car insurance premiums in check, and may actually help you get hired for a new job.

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How To Cure Test Anxiety - 3 Habits You Must Break To Cure Exam Panic!

By Dixie Paiement

Participation in class, completion of homework, studying hard - you might have done all these, yet when the big day of your most anticipated test came, things turned against the way you expected them. You are almost sure that you have pretty much accomplished everything possible to pass this test but how come you forgot every single item you have studied? You are quite certain that you know the answers to the questions on the test. However, you can't seem to remember anything during the test.

Physiological causes are the second culprit that contribute to test anxiety. The fact is that as we fear the test we tense up and breathe less. Both of these things hurt the brain's ability to be operating at peak efficiency. The fact is that the brain can use up to half the oxygen that we breathe in when we concentrate, and shallow breathing from being nervous starves our brain.

Poor study methods also contribute to test problems. When a student is primarily an auditory learner, who learns by listening, and has spent all his time studying like a visual learner, by just reading books, he has good reason to be nervous! Learning to study according to the style of learner you are is critical to having confidence going into the ACT test.

Poor performance cannot be accounted to test anxiety. When you are nervous and anxious, your mind is focused on some other things other than the answers to your test. Emotional problems, like dealing with death of a loved one or going through heartaches caused by a breakup, are triggering factors for test anxiety. Such problems prevent them from concentrating well in the test thus stop them from giving out their best for it.

When we haven't ate, slept, had enough nutrition or drank enough water while stressed, our body will tense up. We then tend to hold our body in positions that only cause additional fatigue and panic, prohibiting us from focusing properly.To cure this, change your physiology to a peak state! You will feel the difference! When the body changes, the mind follows! Speak and move with power to turn around your state. Go for a brief walk, hold your shoulders back, focus your eyes like you would if you were in your perfect, crystal clear studying zone! Holding this physiology for 10 minutes will make a huge difference!Eliminating these three habits is a great starting place for you to begin to cure testing panic.road to adulthood. But unlike other tests, this one requires you to perform like a trained monkey in front of a complete stranger while they critique your performance. It's enough to give anybody a bad case of nerves!

What if you could turn anxiety on its ear, pass your driving test and come out smiling on the other side? Wouldn't that be a kick in the pants? It's actually easier than you think.Here's the top 10 ways to jettison your driving test anxiety and ace the test like an old pro,Acknowledge your anxiety: First up, it's OK if you're anxious about the driving test. Lots of people feel this way. Stop trying to not be anxious and just admit to yourself that you ARE. You need to remove your denial before you can find any solutions.

Positive stress - is there such thing? Stress warns you about the need to prepare for an important situation that will happen in the near future. This is a very good way to make stress an advantage instead of allowing it to ruin your day and even your life. As stress oftentimes leads you to fear of taking the test, why not make it as a reminder for you to be ahead of the game by studying in advance? Taking stress positively will certainly help you get rid of test anxiety.

Take a mock driver's test: Taking the test BEFORE you take the test is great way to get over your fear of it. And you can take the practice test as many times as you want.Give yourself positive feedback: Tell yourself things like, "You can do this. You're going to do great." It may feel corny, but affirming self-talk actually makes it more likely you'll succeed. Remember to be nice to yourself.

Mistakes as Part of Life.Everyone commits mistakes. Once you realize this, you will never look at mistakes the wrong way you were doing. Instead, you will treat them as learning opportunities. You can keep your mistakes in mind and be careful not to do the same next time. Mistakes you make in tests can encourage you to study more and do better. Slowly changing your view about mistakes will also gradually treat your test anxiety.

The Power of the Mind.Do not entertain negative ideas in your mind. Moreover, you should not think ahead of people. Sometimes, you tend to assume that people think negatively about you when in fact they are not. Focus more in your test and disregard what others think about you. You will find out that your test anxiety is relieved when you don't let yourself get affected by these thoughts.

One of these, EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, founded by a Stanford engineer, Gary Craig, utilizes meridians, the energy pathways within our bodies. You may know them if you have ever had acupuncture. Another technique, Psych-K, allows us to test for and change sabotaging beliefs residing in our subconscious mind to beliefs in support of our goals.If test anxiety remains an issue for you, I encourage you to explore and learn about these techniques. Wouldn't it feel great to go into the test feeling calm and confident? Wouldn't it be fabulous if you knew you were going to do well? As Henry Ford said, "If you think you can do a thing or you think you can't do a thing, you're right."

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