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Friday, 31 January 2014

Learn About Poems Of Comfort

By Serena Price

Poems of comfort are known to be poetic expressions that offer condolences to people grieving and those that are various adversities. Words can be powerful in a sense that they can inspire change and influence behaviours, moods, and attitudes. It is for this purpose that these poetic expressions are written as they have the power to turn around situations.

Over the years, poetry has significantly grown popular and with its evolution, generations after generations have been able to advance this craft. A craft that was previously only defined as a flow of words that rhyme is now advanced to a better state whereby poetic expressions are more than rhyming but the coded message in the lyrical content.

Among its many objectives is usually the ability to offer encouragement to people that are hopeless and think they have no reason to live. For such people, finding purpose in life is difficult but with inspiring words that touch their souls they can be influenced to change their perspectives and begin getting their lives back. It is by comforting these individuals that they get to be joyful again.

Recollecting past events has been identified as among the most effective ways of getting people to realize the potential they have despite the challenges they are facing. This however is well attained by using words that pierce through the past life events which resurrects dreams that might have been forgotten and as a result giving people the zeal to keep chasing their dreams.

People from diverse places in the globe are faced with different adversities and while some have people to rely on, there are those that have no one other than themselves; in this case, these pieces come in handy as they are comforting and will light up their spirits even in the lowest moments. Moreover, they usually are designed to serve everyone and people with different problems.

Given that they are capable of tapping in to feelings and emotions, these pieces are known to have the ability to inspire joy even for those that are grieving. It is the directness of the words used in these compositions that people are able to identify their adversities and relate with the described situations that occur in their daily lives. This comforts people as they feel understood making their situation feel normal.

Sometimes when people are mourning and are in pain, all they want is sympathy and the feeling that they are understood. People who are in pain tend to do stupid things and they also may not want company; therefore, poetry can be used to either calm them down or basically give them a better perspective of what they feel and want to do.

Nowadays, people have developed this culture of presenting poems of comfort in funeral and during mourning times other than songs like it has been in the previous years. Apart from being comforting, they also are entertaining which make them presentable in different occasions only that the writer and presenter ought to change the theme in order to suite the occasion.

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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Stretching Your Writing: Stretch Your Body

By Buffy Greentree


If you want your mind to work, to be fully creative and concentrated, then you really need to exercise. What? Exercise? There is a reason you choose to sit behind a computer all day. Ah yes, but sadly the brain does not work so well without exercise. It doesn't have to be the hard, sweaty kind; walking is great. 'Why? WHY?' You cry to the heavens. Well, let me tell you why.

First: Being able to sit down and write works best when all your physical needs have already been attended to. If you have done some light exercise first, and blood is happily flowing to all your muscles, they feel stretched and nicely warm, and this will help you slip into the flow much more easily.

Second: Exercise gives your mind time to process. Watching your thoughts at every moment is counterproductive. Go for a walk and let your conscious and subconscious conspire, half way through the walk, or when you return, you will find a little envelope slipped under the door and when you open it, fairy dust will spill out and fill the air.

Third: Your brain benefits from physical exercise. Research shows that getting your blood pumping also pumps extra oxygen-rich blood through the brain. Makes sense, really. This flush of fresh blood does amazing things to your ability to concentrate and think.

Fourth: If you want to be writing as a lifestyle, then sitting down for the majority of your life needs some sort of compensation by making the most of the time you aren't sitting down.

Fifth: There are some things you need that you can't get inside. Sunlight on your retinas helps keep your circadian rhythm up to date, and so also helps you stay awake when you should. Sunlight also reduces depression, and refreshes the senses, and activates your vitamin D. You could just go outside and just lie in the grass for all this to happen, but why not do a bit of walking first? Or roll around while you are down there?

As stated before, it really doesn't have to be hard. Walking is good. I like to break a light sweat, but not go into anaerobic exercise. You should still be able to hold a conversation, with just slight puffs. This means your blood is pumping at an optimal level and your body hasn't started creating excess waste product such as lactic acid, which can add extra stress to your body to get rid of. Remember, we are all about stress minimisation. Though one or two hard sessions a week is fine if you are so inclined.


Along the same lines as exercise, if you are sitting all day, you really should spend some time stretching, because sitting is not a natural position to be in constantly. After years of this, your hip flexors start to shorten, which in turn can give you lower back problems. Similarly, your glutes like to be gently stretched and used. Your neck and shoulders get tight from the tension you are placing in them, and your wrists and forearms are in danger from the strange repetitive motions you are making them do.

So when you suddenly feel as though inspiration has done a bunk, shrug your shoulders and stretch for five minutes. (Please note that because this is a short article, I've only gone into some stretches here. If you want a fully detailed account, please go to my book 'The Five Day Writer's Retreat' on Amazon).

Warm up: As you haven't been moving, the muscles won't be particularly warm, so it's not a great time to just demand they stretch out, and can in fact do damage. For each muscle group take a moment to warm them up. I recommend starting at the top of your head and work down. It's a nice organised method.

Neck and shoulders: Start by turning your head to either side a few times and then gently lowering your ear towards your shoulder and then the other ear to warm up. Finish this with shoulder rolls, lifting your shoulders up and around. After ten circles reverse and go back the other way. This should get the muscles nice and pliable. Then, keeping your shoulders square, gently lower your ear towards your shoulder and hold it there for 12 seconds. Come up to straight and drop your other ear to your other shoulder and hold for 12 seconds. You should feel the stretch on the opposite side. If you need a little bit extra, you can place the hand on the same side on your head and gently put weight on it to stretch further. Finally, with your head straight forward, drop your chin to your chest to stretch out the back of your neck and hold, then drop the back of your head down so you can stretch out the front of your neck and hold.

Hip flexor: stand with your feet together and then take one large step forward with your left leg. Keep your right leg as straight as you can, and bend your left leg forward until the knee is just over the toes. Try and push down into the stretch, which you should feel down the front of your right hip. Hold for 12 seconds, and then step back and repeat on the other side.

Wrists and forearms: Start by rotating your wrists in a circular motion for ten counts, then rotate them the opposite direction. Hold out one hand flat with your palm facing down and with the other hand bend the wrist down until you feel the stretch up your forearm. Hold for 12 seconds and repeat on the other side. Then hold your hand flat with the palm facing upwards, and again push it down with your other hand until you feel a stretch on the underside of your forearm, and repeat on the other side.

If you do that every few hours, your body will thank you every day, and your spritely older self will thank you too!

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The Role Of Surgical Huck Towels In Cleaning

By Serena Price

In the medical terrain, surgical huck towels dominate. Widely used to wipe surgical equipment after an operation, they too do not escape the strict procedures and standards the rest of equipment used for surgery are subjected to. For instance, they are made of materials that are highly absorbent while at the same time are capable of sucking even thick fluids, and in the case of surgery, the target fluid is blood. It is not surprising that they have found their ways in our homes and are praised by auto dealers, window washers and professional house cleaners alike.

The selection of fabrics used in production of surgical huck towels gives them an exceptional performance in cleaning. They are highly durable with the ability to quickly and perfectly absorb any moisture. This ability to achieve quick results and value means that you stand to gain from great benefits, and indeed, the value for your money.

The answer is very simple, if you look at their primary design and use. In fact, the name is enough to tell you all. No one can doubt the tight procedures and standards in surgery rooms. Needless to say, these standards do not apply to medical personnel alone, but the equipment used too are but of the tight control.

The choice of fabric is o specific putting all considerations for their use particularly in medical setting. The first priority is the absorbent quality. You are unlikely to find better absorbents than this item. As such, it makes the work much easier and save a great deal of time, something very precious in surgery settings and for you too.

The fabric selected is also normally very durable, and as such, can be used for long. In fact, it is very common to find reclaimed ones in stores. At your home, you are likely to use these fabrics for very long time, and they will never be disappointing.

Both the new and reclaimed surgical hunk towels should be available from your janitorial supply. In case you are the type who prefers online shopping, you stand to enjoy even greater benefits. This option comes with much wider items to select from and price range too is amazing. You can check on vendors on Ebay, Amazon and other institutional distributors.

Just like all other fabrics, the suggestion that you should wash and dry your newly acquired towel still holds. It will find application in a dozen of ways in your home. Professional janitorial service providers rate them very highly. Car wash attendants used it for polishing. The other areas you are likely to find them include restaurants, bathrooms and in aprons among others.

The surgical huck towels have revolutionized cleaning, be it in hospitals which is their primary targets or at homes where they are increasingly replacing the traditional cleaning rags. The secret lies in their super absorbent ability, price advantage and the variety in design making them fit for wide range of applications.

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What To Know About Professional Transcription

By Serena Price

When it comes to the many things that businesses have to contend with, one area that many people find time consuming and expensive is having to type various items that play a crucial role in what they do. This is why many turn to the method of dictation in order to save time, all while leaving it to someone else do most of the typing. In the end, many businesses find that hiring someone for professional transcription can be highly beneficial and cost effective in the end.

People may use transcription services for various things and regardless if it's for business or personal matters. In fact, many people frequently choose to hire transcriptionists for personal matters in order to save time, especially for large projects. As an example, an individual may choose to hire one to help them write a book or memoir, and others may for things such as blog or essay writing.

Many small businesses and companies use transcriptionists for a wide variety of tasks. Some may assist with dictations obtained from meetings or help to write various types of documentation. This may pertain to a number of different fields, and some may specialize in certain areas where formatting and other factors are concerned with one field in particular, like that of the medical industry.

Different types of services are available these days, giving businesses and individuals alike plenty of options. Even so, it's important to realize that each professional may have their own set of skills and training, which may affect what they're able to do. Some may be skilled in legal fields while others may deal with certain areas of the medical industry. There are also those who do court transcripts, general transcription, as well as those who do entertainment work.

General services can vary along with the skill of each transcriptionist. For instance, it's common to see some who deal with transcribing voice mails or foreign dictation. Some may be used for academic purposes, such as when it comes to transcribing meetings and lectures. Other individuals may be experienced in doing closed captioning and so forth.

Selecting the right professionals will usually come down to the type of work you need done. Following this, it's good to look at their experience in certain areas. Different workers may have certain skills that others do not and vice versa. As an example, some people may be skilled in legal dictation but not in the medical field, particularly when it comes to terminology and other factors.

A good transcriptionist will typically have their own equipment, such as foot pedals, headphones, and any related software. They should also have a quiet environment to work in, especially if you plan to hire someone via telecommute. It may also be beneficial to look for someone with good references and who will be able to meet deadlines.

A professional transcription worker may work independently or with a service. Their fees may also vary, often going by the amount of characters or words, and some may charge by the amount of audio time involved. It's usually a good idea to make sure that the individual has good typing skills and accuracy along with good hearing acuity. A good amount of experience may also be something that will be good to look for, especially for those who need a specific type of formatting done or documents to be transcribed verbatim.

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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The Write Environment: Inspiring Your Creative Writing

By Buffy Greentree

If you want to write prolifically and productively, you need to start thinking of writing as your life, and adjust your lifestyle accordingly. By adjust your lifestyle, I mean taking into account what you eat, how you exercise, your sleeping patterns - and equally critically, where you put writing in your daily schedule. Here, I want to look at creating the right environment to maximise your effectiveness as a writer.

Firstly, where is it that you dedicate yourself to writing? Do you have a dedicated writing space? Or do you snatch a corner of the kids' play area, or crouch in the kitchen as it begs you to clean it. Perhaps it's time to get one - there are many people who argue that having a space that is solely dedicated to writing is an excellent way to get your brain in the mood. I'm not one of those people, though I think it's important to have a time and space put aside to write in. When I first dedicated my lifestyle to writing, I wrote in my four-poster bed, which had lanterns hung on each post. Every night I'd get home from the gym, have a shower, dinner, and then jump straight into bed and turn on each of the lanterns. The next few hours before sleep I would dedicate to writing. This was a great time in my writing life.

However, when I got my tax return (yippee!), I went out and bought myself a named 'writing chair'. (In itself it's not particularly special; it's IKEA and probably half the world has the same chair, my treatment of it lends it significance.) My aim is to keep this chair for purely writing purposes. I'm not sure whether my writing is any better for it (difficult to tell), but my back is certainly happier.

As I live in a one bedroom apartment, my chair is in my main living area facing my kitchen area. This can lead to stress in some people, and while you can train yourself to block out the call of other things that need to be done, I found that the most effective way to rid myself of those nagging thoughts about cleaning was to get myself a cleaning lady. Lilly and her partner come every second week and clean my entire apartment, so I never have to worry about it. All for the price of staying an hour and a half longer at work (or not going out to a movie and dinner). Definitely worth it.

However, I have made considerable efforts to make my living environment nice. I have rearranged furniture so I have bookshelves with inspirational books within arm's reach. I have put up inspirational words and favourite quotes, and I have plants nearby. I don't know exactly why, but a healthy, flourishing maidenhair fern brings peace to my soul. (The wilting Japanese peace lily a friend has left with me, on the other hand, is not so great.) I also have large prints of places I've travelled to and adventures I've had, which excites my imagination.

Lighting is very important to me, and not just having good light. Sometimes I need low, mood lighting, while at other times I need sunlight streaming in. I've fiddled around with my lighting options, and have a lamp that has a warm light bulb in it, along with my down lights, and moved my chair to be situated right near the windows. I still love the lanterns over my bed, and think fondly back to those times writing like a princess, but have not moved them to my current location so I still get princess reading time before sleep (part of my sleep routine!). Think for a moment how your lighting might affect you? Are your lights too harsh? Do you need to invest in a lamp? You might be surprised the difference it makes.

I also have different scented candles that I light depending on the book I'm working on. This way, I associate smells not only with my writing, but a particular style and atmosphere of writing.

I once heard about writer who had tried unsuccessfully to write while raising young children. She eventually tried locking them in a play pen so she could sit down and write, but the complaints and noise made that impossible. Her solution? Free the children and lock herself in the pen! And it actually worked for her, so don't be afraid to think outside the box (or in this case, inside it!).

Picture for a moment your ideal writing place. What immediately jumps out when you try to picture yourself writing in the future, once you are rich and famous and can write anywhere? What are the key elements?

For me, I have two images I keep coming back to:

A clear, light conservatory, with a comfortable chair and greenery around me. A water feature and cool breeze, with a side table that has shelves for books and can hold my pot of exotic tea that I breathe in deeply while thinking.

A warm, carpeted study, with large French style windows that look out into tree branches, dark wood bookshelves all around, and a large mahogany desk facing into the room. There are also comfortable chairs for curling up and reading beside the fire. The room smells of fresh coffee.

The amount of light and contrasts are of salient importance to me. The nearness of the books inspire me, and the use of natural elements such as wood soothes me. The images probably mean I don't need much memory input, such as the photographs I have up around me, as the books do that for me. I try to recreate the essence of these two images as much as I can in my current environment.

Another task: describe your imaginary writing space in as much detail as you can, down even to the scent in the air. Spend five minutes trying to go deeper: where is the light coming from? What is closest to you? What colours dominate the scene? Are you sitting, standing, reclined? How are you supported: feet up with a neck rest, sitting on a desk chair, no back rest? What is your method of writing - desktop, laptop, typewriter? Once you have gotten as much detail out as you can, go through and make a list of elements that are most important to you. Then from these, implement any you can into your current space.

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The Uses Of Herringbone Dish Towels

By Serena Price

Herringbone dish towels are always unique and different from the rest of the products. They are sold in very many shops n the markets. Manufacturers supply different people with these products. They advise their customers to do window shopping before they can settle on a certain type of item. Customers are advised to select items from trusted individuals in the market.

Manufacturers buy their raw products from different industries. The fibers used have to be treated by these manufacturers before use. They ensure that all the items are durable and can serve customers for a specific period of time. Individuals are also supposed to ensure that they purchase goods from trusted individuals who will provide them with the best quality items. The towels are always soaked in water containing chemicals. The chemicals increase the toughness of these products and make them presentable.

Materials used when making towels have to be durable. Companies ensure that all their raw products are suitable to function well. They buy quality goods for all their customers. Individuals are also able to select the type of material they need from those available. These materials are then soaked in different solutions to make them durable and able to last long. Customers can also select materials that can be treated frequently. Individuals are also able to buy goods that have been treated and those that will serve the required purpose.

Online buying was introduced to different people in the market. Customers have to learn how to buy products from the internet. It is very fast and easy. This method is also reliable since customers are sure of getting quality products from the manufacturers. They have to log in these different sites and view what is available. They can then choose on an item they love. Manufacturers ensure that they provide free and quality delivery services to all their customers.

Herringbone products are loved by many because of their ability to soak water. They can be used to wipe different utensils without dripping water. Manufacturers ensure that the texture of their products is suitable to be used on all products. Customers are also asked to consider the type of product they have before wiping them. The items are grouped differently depending on their textures and the type of utensils suitable.

Cleaning agents can be used when cleaning these goods. They are always soaked in water containing these products. They should then be washed and rinsed in clean water before they are aired. These goods should then be stored in dry areas to reduce the growth of molds.

Herringbone products are affordable. They can be purchased by different people. These products vary in shape and size. The size of an item can determine their prices. Customers can use various methods when paying for the items. They can pay directly to the offices or pay using credit cards.

Herringbone dish towels can be customized. They always look presentable when personalized. Customers are required to provide the correct details that should be printed on the products. They then have to choose on methods that will satisfy them. Machines used when customizing products vary. Customers should choose the stitching method depending on the machines available.

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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Factors To Consider While Buying Fairy Tale Books For Adults

By Eliza Mendoza

Have you taken time to read a book in the current past? It is sad that some people read only when expecting to do an exam. They prefer spending their free time reading face book updates, and tweets. It is not bad to be on these social Medias. However, you need to have some time to read Fairy tale books for adults. This is because; reading these materials has many benefits.

One of the major reasons why some people lose memory is lack of brain exercise. Just like your body require exercise to remain healthy and strong, your brain requires exercise. Doing physical exercise does not work on your brain. You can only exercise your brain by reading. If you do not want your brain to be dormant, make reading a habit. You do not have to allow your brain age than your body. Keep it active everyday by ensuring that you read different materials.

Stress is very dangerous; this is because; if you do not come up with mechanisms to control it, chances are that it may get to the level of depression. Depression can easily kill. If you realize that they are things stressing you, consider letting such things go, by reading an entertaining reading material. This is because; reading such a book will help your mind let go the things bothering you.

It is the desire of every person to gain knowledge. However, you cannot gain knowledge unless you are a reader. You will need to cultivate a reading culture to make sure that you gain the knowledge that you need. These materials will also help you learn about the culture and beliefs of different people. You can also have stories to tell to the young g people who come to you for advice.

You can find these reading materials in bookshops, shopping malls, and supermarkets, around your area. However, it is important to take some time to ensure that you buy from reputable suppliers. One way of knowing if a supplier has a good reputation is by asking for references from people who have bought such materials in the past.

You can also make use of the current advancement in technology. You simply need having a computer and reliable server. Online technique is one of the most convenient buying techniques. This is because; you can have a wide range of materials to select while at the comfort of your home. This will also suit you in case you have very demanding and schedules.

Do not buy any materials that you come across. Considering some factors before settling on certain reading materials is imperative. For instance, consider the size of the reading material. You certainly would not want to buy a reading material that is too bulky, in case, you are planning to carry it around. You will also need to check at the content the material have.

Another factor that you need to evaluate while buying Fairy tale books for adults is the cost of the materials. You do not have to look for cheap materials, as they may not have the best content. However, you need to ensure that you operate within your budget.

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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Diet Write: Eating To Maintain Writing As A Job

By Buffy Greentree

If you're going to dedicate yourself to a job in which your brain is the most important part of your body, you need to treat it right. Treat it, and think well. This is no fad diet section; I want to look at how to optimise your writing ability through good nutrition.

The Naughty Things

Don't get me wrong, I have no doubt that people are able to write while eating fast food, and they might even do it better for short bursts with sugar to power them through an all-nighter for an essay. But we're talking about the long term, a career of writing. We are talking about being able to sit down day after day and not falling asleep after your midday meal or crashing from low blood sugar. Best health only comes with good nutrition. If you were a top athlete training for the Olympics, what would you put in your body? Only the best, because you want only the best out of your body. Why do you think your brain isn't similarly affected by what you put into your mouth? Sudden sugar rushes and the following lows play havoc with your concentration and ability to access the key language areas that will bring out the best in your writing.

Hunger vs Willpower

It's very difficult to force yourself to do anything when you are hungry. Easy solution, don't let yourself get hungry. When planning to eat, don't wait until it is too late. One of the biggest traps I've found while writing is that you get caught up in what you are doing, and then suddenly realise you're starving. You go into the kitchen and everything seems too difficult, so you might just grab some chips or live on toast. Toast might get you through the short term, but you'll look back at the week and realise you haven't had anything other than processed carbs. The salad materials you bought have now gone brown and your poor digestive system hasn't seen a vitamin in days. Therefore, plan ahead! And plan to have some pre-made meals for the few slips you might still make.

Break your fast in the morning, and break it well. I know, I know, some of you don't like breakfast. You feel as though you're not hungry at that time, and think that it's in-built. But you can train yourself to prefer and even crave a healthy meal to start your day. Start with something, even if it is just a piece of fruit (but if you do only eat fruit, be aware of 'sugar crashes' that can follow natural fruit sugars in the same way it stalks a cake or biscuit).

My breakfast ranges from porridge with cinnamon and brown sugar in winter, because it's comforting and makes the world seem better, to natural yogurt and a homemade oat and dried apricot granola. I find yogurt too cold for winter, but refreshing and light in summer. Also, both meals are not at all difficult to whip together, and not having to make the choice of what to eat every morning saves some of my decision making power for later. Whatever works for you, organise it and use it. Plan simple and appropriate breakfasts that won't be stressful to make. Plan them now, and add the ingredients to the shopping list.

Assuming you get up early enough to leave time between breakfast and lunch, I agree with the Hobbits on the importance of elevenses. A mid-morning snack breaks the workload into manageable pieces and gives you something to look forward to. Further, I'm not one of those people who say you should only eat fruit, unless you feel like it. Personally I find fruit one of the greatest things in the universe, however I am also in favor of a bit of cake - when it's the good solid homemade variety. Something that makes you look forward to the coming break, but doesn't leave you bouncing off the walls afterwards, or feeling so stuffed that you have to waddle back to your chair. Cheese and biscuits is another good snack. It is just a matter of all things in moderation.


I love lunch. So many options! Almost anything is acceptable at lunch, unlike dinner and breakfast (which tend to be more traditional and rigid in their definitions). The thought of lunch, what I might have and how it will taste, gets me through a tough morning writing session. I am not above negotiating with myself or even stooping to self-bribing when necessary. However, you do need to think about the consequences.

Many people complain about a tiredness and heaviness after lunch that makes tasks such as writing feel impossible. This wipes out a good three hours of possible writing time, for no real benefit. Therefore, do everything in your power to stop this mid-afternoon crash. This is going to take some experimentation, and I don't think I agree with some practitioners who argue that it is due to carbohydrate intolerance and can be solved by eating carb-free. That might be partly true for some people, but there are a whole range of factors that affect that afternoon dip.

Some Steps You Can Take To Avoid the After-Lunch Slump

1. Avoid eating too much. That 'stuffed' feeling is a bad sign. It means that more blood is going to be diverted to your digestive system to deal with the overload, and that you are going to feel sleepy and weak as a result.

2. After-lunch meditation. Well, if your body is going to need some down time to process the food you have given it, you might as well help it and give your brain a rest as well. After lunch, try finding a relaxing spot and listening to a meditation or relaxation tape for 20 minutes. This lets your body digest and refresh as you use that near sleep state to further your creative processes.

3. Get some vitamins! Veggies at lunchtime are excellent, for many reasons.

4. Think about your sleep. If you are feeling sleepy mid-afternoon, it is often a good indication that you aren't get enough quality sleep at night. Spending an extra hour at night to prepare for a great sleep is better than three hours wasted due to tiredness in the afternoon.

5. Think about your sleep. If you are feeling sleepy mid-afternoon, it is often a good indication that you aren't get enough quality sleep at night. Spending an extra hour at night to prepare for a great sleep is better than three hours wasted due to tiredness in the afternoon.

In the afternoon it is easy to start craving carbs and sugar, but now really isn't the best time to have them, as they are just going to make you feel worse. Instead, now is a great time to make sure you have gotten enough veggies for the day. Still a bit low? Try something like carrot sticks with hummus, or even nuts. Once you realise how good getting vitamins can be, your body will be begging you for them.


Dinner. Hmmm, I'm not sure if I buy the common diet myth that 'You shouldn't eat after 6pm.' I find that coming to that time of night and realising I can't have anything more until I go to bed is seriously depressing, and just makes me want to sulk. So sometimes you need to be realistic about this. A smaller dinner with a dessert, followed by a supper snack a few hours later will keep you ticking over nicely for an evening writing session.

Make your meals smaller and you are allowed to have more of them. How great is that? Also, you will avoid feeling stuffed, and not feel hungry in between. Just make sure that you do reduce the size of your meals to compensate for having more of them.

Snacking While Writing

As previously mentioned, I'm not above a bit of bribing to get myself to sit down and write. When I first started my writing challenge, I had a great idea. I would beat two willpower problems at once: I would make sure I was never hungry OR fighting major temptation. How did I do this? By allowing myself to eat as much chocolate as I wanted, but only while I was writing. Great plan, huh? If I wanted to eat chocolate, which I did nearly all the time, then I had to be writing.

Uh, there was something I didn't think through there: 4+ hours writing per day, combined with eating chocolate for this entire time is not going to be healthy. And I was like an alcoholic - once I started, I couldn't stop. So the only solution was not to start at all. The chocolate had to go. Painful, but it came down to a point of all or nothing for me.

I then welcomed into my life caramel jerseys. Not helpful: I'd just replaced the chocolate with something else. So I needed a different solution, and I still felt I needed something while I was just sitting there during the day - and the chewing helped me think! My solution was to chew gum. What else was I to do?

Chewing gum has a couple of benefits: first, your breath stays minty fresh. Second, the chewing really seems to help the thought process. Third, it stops you putting anything else, like mysteriously appearing pieces of chocolate, into your mouth.

Now I know this sounds like a small, inconsequential piece of advice, but think about it. If chewing gum saves me from devouring chocolate for four hours a day, that saves me hundreds of calories a day. Hundreds of calories a day quickly equals an extra two kilos of weight gain per month. That becomes 24kgs heavier for every year that I write!

Like I said, chew gum.

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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Tips To Using Enthusiasm And Play Mindset To Build Motivation For Writing

By Buffy Greentree

"It's so hard when I have to, and so easy when I want to." Annie Gottlier.

All activities that have not become habits are a result of one of two things; enthusiasm giving you motivation or plain hard willpower. However, for the majority of people, enthusiasm does not last, and motivation is difficult to maintain. We suddenly realise what we're working on means hard work and will take months and years to get the results we secretly hoped would come overnight. Many people hit this in their writing early on. Pure inspiration will rarely carry the writer all the way through the first draft, let alone the second, third, fifth or tenth. And that is long before the ordeal of trying to find a publisher, if we go the traditional route, or the promotion and marketing necessary for self-publishing.

So how can you possibly maintain your motivation? To start with, you need to realise that motivation and enthusiasm are all in the mind. As I discuss later in my book ('The Five Day Writer's Retreat'), but motivation is an attitude. This is great, because it means that it is totally under your control, if you have the mental discipline to take charge of your thoughts. Our mood and thoughts are easily affected by our environment and experiences. Knowing this, you can set up systems that will reinforce your desire for your task and rebuild your motivation. Generating enthusiasm and a constant feeling of play and fun in your work are two great methods of doing this, and I'll detail some methods of increasing both of these.


1. The most effective tool for becoming a prolific writer is to be able to build motivation and enthusiasm for anything. Want me to write about the new changes to income tax law? Bring it on! Or on the eating habits of dung beetles? I'll think like a five year old and find it cool. If you can muster any sort of excitement, you will find your career flourishes, if only because people will pick up on your attitude and want to see what you can make sound exciting next. You will also be able to turn out more content because you will not constantly fight the urge to get up and do absolutely anything else. The difference between begrudgingly writing for an hour turning out 250 words, and letting your fingers tap-dance across the keys for an hour producing 2,500 words, is not just a measure of productivity levels, but something that can affect your health and the longevity of your career.

2. A very simple but often overlooked method is to find someone else who is interested in the same thing you should be. Other people's enthusiasm can be catching, so use it! If you have lost your spark for a topic or a task, it is always useful to find someone who is burning with desire, and warm yourself at their fire. Now, that person could be anywhere in the world, yet only a blog post, book chapter or podcast away.

3. There are many great books on writing. Sometimes, just reading about someone who loves writing is enough to remind me that I love it too. So, beg, borrow or steal some books on writing. Ask for them for Christmas presents, borrow them from the library, or obtain them any other way you can. But don't read them all at once, in one sitting. Try to read a little bit each day, a sweet mouthful that tickles your taste buds and continues to feed your enthusiasm. I find this is the best way to use these books. Always have one on the go, and turn to it when you are struggling to sit down and write. You may find yourself getting into the mindset.


Critically for your creativity, you need to think of your writing as playtime. If you think about your writing as 'work', your motivation will flee from you. Have you ever tried to get a child to stop playing in order to come in and do homework? Imagine being able to harness the untapped power of their enthusiasm for playing towards being productive.

1. Procrastination. Have you noticed how when you have something else you really should be doing, something worse than your regular chores, those regular chores suddenly become a lot more attractive? Such as cleaning up your bedroom when you should be studying? Similarly when you 'become serious' about your writing, maybe even giving up your day job to write full time, you suddenly can't find the same motivation for it. Now your writing is your 'have to' task, rather than your sneaky secret private time. It's the thing that you want to procrastinate from doing, rather than being the procrastination. How to battle this? Try to do your writing when you should be doing something else. Sounds stupid, but try it. Take on a DIY renovation or start doing your tax early. If you find these win out over sneaking off to write, then you might need to consider being a builder or an accountant.

2. Imagination. The more you involve your imagination, the more like play it will feel. Every time you sit down can be an adventure. How do you involve your imagination more? Set yourself a challenge that will need creative thinking to fit it into your work. During one essay and exam period, a friend and I dared each other to quote certain 'sources' in our essays. My friend managed to footnote 'I am a fish' written in Ancient Greek (a wonderful tribute to the TV series Red Dwarf), and I used Terry Pratchett in an essay on Ancient Rome. The naughty secret between you and the work might only be a sentence or two, but it can turn a boring essay into a cheeky endeavour, and makes it a whole lot more fun.

3. Relaxation. I get home from work and go straight to the gym, come back and have dinner, then I get a cup of jasmine tea, and I sit myself down in my writing chair with a small sigh of relief. The day is over, and I don't have anything else to do but enter my imaginary world and write. A physical sigh helps a lot, I recommend it. As well as the cup of tea, or wine if you prefer. Make this time a relaxing experience. Create an inviting environment and include little rituals that you look forward to. Maybe talk someone into giving you a foot rub when you get started... always worth a try!

4. No routine! Sometimes setting a word limit to aim for is effective, as this uses the 'goal achievement' aspect of motivation. But for some people, that won't work. It will make them feel stressed and constantly focused on meeting the limit. Kids play because they want to play, and they stop when they want to stop (or more commonly, when they are made to stop). They can go from one piece of equipment, over to the next, and back again as much as they like. There are no rules and no routine they have to follow. You can make your writing like that. Skip around chapters, write whatever jumps into your mind. It won't work for everyone, but it may work for you.

So there you go - three hints on enthusiasm, and four for play in order to maintain your motivation for over a day.

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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Tips On How To Find The Best Deals On Flights

By Judy Sullivan

Frequent changes in airfare make it difficult for travelers to select the best deal. A large number of travelers search for inexpensive tickets in order to save money. People who travel often are the most affected since they may spend a lot of money in airfare. The following are steps on how to find the best deals on flights.

Signing up for airfare alerts is the first step you need to take. Listing and travel search websites offer them free. They will send you emails informing you about the reduction of airfares. Some sites will inform you when the airfares on a particular route you have chosen reduce in price despite the airline or flight time.

You can also get good deals on air travel if you sign up for frequent flier programs and emails from different airlines. Airlines always try to attract customers to book with them directly by offering special deals after they sign up for their email lists and newsletters. They may provide you with a promo code deal that you can only redeem on their websites. An airline can also alert you on special deals available to members of its loyalty program.

If you are a flexible flyer, you can also pay low airfares. Be flexible on arrival and departure times, travel dates and destinations if possible. Different price levels exist for every flight. The factors that affect the prices of flights include the date when a ticket is bought, the popularity of the destination, the travel season and how full a flight gets.

Another thing to can do to get good deals on flights is to book travel tickets early. Most airlines offer the best fares to travelers who buy tickets, 24, 14 or 7 days before the day of the flight. It is also possible to get a good deal if you are creative as you search for flights. You can check how much various airlines are charging based on connection and schedule.

If you are traveling for a vacation, you can opt for travel packages, which usually include car rentals, hotel and air travel. The total package rate is often lower than the cost of paying for all these services separately. You can also save on airfare if you use your frequent flyer miles or points. The smart way to spend these miles or points is to pay for long distance trips.

Calling travel agents and asking them to assist you get a package deal is another thing that can help you pay less. Travel agents are well informed about the airline companies that are charging the cheapest fares to different places. The service fee they charge is minimal compared to the amount of money you can save.

Once you find a low priced ticket, it is essential to research about the other charges the airline will ask you to pay such as charges for premium seats and baggage among others. This will help you know everything you have to pay for prior to purchasing a ticket. By choosing to take these steps on how to find the best deals on flights, you will pay less on your future flights.

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How To Check If The Traveling Pastor Has An Attitude Problem

By Judy Sullivan

The individual should be aware that a traveling pastor is not an angel. Not everyone who works at the church is a good person. There are some who actually have severe attitude problems and they even hold a high position at the church. If the person wants to know whether the said professional has an attitude problem, here are the things to check up on.

First of all, try to see if the said professional is self-centered. This may manifest itself in the amount of needs that a professional has. The professional can be classified as self-centered if his or her needs is paramount to the church's needs. There are even times when his or her needs take precedence over this church.

Just because the said professional works in a church does not mean that he or she is not prone to mistakes. The said professional really has an attitude problem if he or she does not show any signs of remorse when they make mistakes or when they are caught for their misdeeds. They will not even offer a heartfelt apology or ask for mercy for those things.

Since they are unable to ask for forgiveness, all they can do is blame the mistakes on other people. This is usually the case for those with high blaming behavior. The said behavior is the type which drives people to project all of their faults on to others. When there is something wrong, the mistake was never theirs.

It will be bad if they are unreliable too. The people at the church should be reliable, especially since they are being looked up to by the less unfortunate souls. If these souls cannot rely on the church, they will get lost even further. A professional who has an unreliable disposition should just be evicted from his or her position.

There are also those professionals who may be aware of the consequences of their actions but choose to ignore it. It is just like they do not even care that there are other people who will be affected by the actions that they take. They have little, if not zero, conscience. All they care about is their own well-being.

A professional who has attitude problems will most likely be a pathological liar. They can easily lie to other people, especially if they think that the said lie will further their image. They do not think their lie will get discovered too. And in the case that it does, they will just imply that they never said anything about it in the first place.

Those who rationalizes easily should be classified as someone with attitude problems. While there are good things about rationalizing, someone who twist conversations just to gain something at another person's expense is not normal. When they get trapped, they just continue talking or they change the subject. At times, they might get extremely mad.

There are many other signs that the person can check up on to see if the said traveling pastor has an attitude problem. If the person can do a good job at this, then he or she can easily avoid working with such professionals. It is better to be near a professional who is good-natured, after all.

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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

You Never Have To Go Without Profit Again With These Article Marketing Tips

By Kelle Dudack

If you're looking for a new way to sell your products, you may want to consider article marketing. Article marketing is a great way to discretely promote products to readers. But what can you do to make sure your article marketing is a success? In this piece, we'll give you the tips you need to accomplish your goals.

Keep your content up to date. If readers come across an older article and realize it is dated, they will leave immediately. You should try to keep your articles recent, which can simply be done by adding links to updated articles. Take advantage of the "Most Recent" or "Most Popular" features on your site. This way, even old content will generate money for you.

Article marketing is an important component of any successful internet marketing campaign. When you submit articles to free article directories, you can include a link to your website in the author resource box at the bottom of the article. This not only drives new customers to your website, but it also boosts your search engine rankings by increasing the number of backlinks to your site.

Do not worry about online plagiarism. When another website copies your written work, claim credit by advertising to the public, just how many websites use and trust your material. Consider linking your web page to the web pages that have taken your content. Claiming credit in this way will be much cheaper than hiring a lawyer for copyright litigation.

Make sure to use linkbacks. Create linkbacks to your own content on your site pages. Good examples of linkbacks would be having an archive of your articles or related links to other pages on your site. Be careful not to put too many of these links as they clutter your pages. More links on your pages mean more links will pop up on search engines.

It is important that you stick to the topic that was asked for. Many sites do not want to use an article that rants on and on about a totally different article. If you are unsure of what to write about a specific topic, you can always ask the requester for more information.

If your target audience has their own technical lingo or slang terms, use them freely throughout your articles. This will not only appeal to them because they understand what you are saying, but also because it makes them feel as if you are a more a part of their unique group.

Always try to stay as relevant as possible in your article marketing campaign by creating a set of email alerts for any breaking news. If you can be among the first to get out in front of a breaking product or trend, your readership will stay tuned in and appreciate your site as a source of legitimate and useful information.

As you begin to learn more about article marketing, you will inevitably see that you can carve out a path to success by applying solid and working tips one at a time. As one method begins to work, it then opens the door to another variety of tactics you can use. Take things slowly, and use these tips for your success.

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Monday, 20 January 2014

Tips To Improve Your Article Marketing Efficiently

By Madelene Dekuyper

Believe it or not, article marketing really does dominate the landscape for start-up web businesses. Of course, the huge businesses out there do not need to put so much effort into pushing content, but the smaller guys are able to build bigger businesses by pushing content. Read about a few great ways you can improve your campaign.

Write some informative articles. By writing guides that relate to your company, you will be able to call yourself an expert at it and you will gain the trust of your customers. As original content, these articles will also boost your rank in search engine results, since they favor sites with plenty of unique content.

If you are repeating something that you saw on another person's site then you need to be sure to give them credit for it and provide a link back to their site. This will save you from having anyone upset with you and it will let your users see that you are noble and can give credit when it is due.

Strike the right balance when putting keywords into an article. If you pack your content with too many keywords, both search engines and readers will reject you. Keep your keyword usage under 5 times in an article to ensure that you are not dinged by either the engines or your readers. Keyword usage is important, but the quantity is just as important.

Use of good grammar and a large variety of words can enhance ones articles that they produce for marketing. The use of grammar in the right manner can greatly improve the appeal of one's articles. By monitoring what one writes they can improve the quality of an article greatly.

When you are composing the first draft of your next article, do not worry about grammar, spelling or proofreading until the article is finished. Sweating over such details in the middle of composition is inefficient and wasteful. Leave the editing and correcting until after the draft is finished. You will write faster - and better, too.

Travel article marketing is a great way to build back links to your travel web site and become a known authority in the subject. Use your love of travel as inspiration when writing your articles. People will always need helpful information about their destinations. So, if travel is your passion consider sharing your knowledge by becoming a trusted voice in travel writing.

In order to have success when marketing an article you must be unique in your marketing approach. People do not want to see the same article written five different ways. It is very boring and unappealing to see regurgitated material. Creating new and interesting material that is written in a delightful and attracting manner is the best way to market an article.

Use the proceeding advice and tips to help you plan your article marketing campaign. If you take the information and put it to work for you, you are sure to see the positive outcome that you were hoping to gain. Enjoy the rewards of your efforts and increase your traffic and sales.

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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Getting Over Writer's Block: Let Your Muse Show You The Way

By Buffy Greentree

"Being a writer is a very peculiar sort of a job: it's always you versus a blank sheet of paper (or a blank screen) and quite often the blank piece of paper wins." Neil Gaiman. Each time you begin a new project, or even a day's writing, you're faced that blank page - and often the overwhelming urge to crawl back into bed. At times like these you need to unleash your secret weapon. That weapon, and the best way to fight that initial fear-blockade is to find your Muse.

What is a Muse? Well, in its most basic form, it is someone else to blame. And sometimes that is enough.

In the ancient Greek world, there were nine Muses. Although they were often portrayed as scantily clad women, inspiring through the arousal of sexual desire was not their primary purpose. Instead, they were both the embodiment and the sponsors of the arts. You could only produce great art if the Muses chose to grant you the necessary skill and inspiration.

Muses appear throughout history in various forms, but always as an entity that bestows inspiration and passion upon an individual (rather than arousing it from within). This is a critical distinction. The result is that while it's your responsibility to be open and willing to work when the inspiration is given, it is her/his/its responsibility to give you that inspiration. Therefore, if you sit down and work, and nothing good comes out, well that's not your fault. Your Muse is away for the day. Of course, you are responsible for doing everything you can to win the fair Muse over, no more can be expected at this point in time.

One of the reasons we now have the image of the tortured artist is because we have forced them to internalise this creative element. It is now the writer's fault if they cannot produce inspired work on demand. And this is incredibly stressful, enough to make anyone curl up and whimper. It instils and magnifies the fear of failure that can cripple a writer, and is the cause of a lot of the writer's block in the world. As William Stafford said, "there is no such thing as writer's block for writers whose standards are low enough."

As such, one of the most important and effective exercises for the developing writer is to find and identify your Muse. Something external to yourself that has the ability to grant you inspiration when it wants, and only requires that you sit down and faithfully work (perhaps directing it a sonnet or two in thanks). Then, unseen, it will infuse its inspirations into your work, and together you will create something great. If the work you produce is not great? Well, your Muse was clearly away at the time of construction.

What is your Muse? My personal faith works well for me, and you need to find that which works best for you. If you are at all imaginative, give it personality, characteristics with which you can interact. Make a deal with it: your part is to turn up and write on demand (perhaps a little wooing is in order), their part is to bless the process and take responsibility for the outcome.

I have found that cats make good Muses. There is something in their air that suggests they have the ability to grant inspiration. It also explains why they love sitting on keyboards so much. Generally, they have egos big enough to take your successes or failures in their stride.

Perhaps you could imagine your Muse is the spirit of your favourite writer, or perhaps Botticelli's Venus, the spirit of new-born art. Whoever she is, her role is to be an external being, there to assure you of some higher meaning to your work, and to remind you to relax and let the words come.

Strange as it sounds, I urge you to undertake this activity right now. Search for a something that will work for you and has a strong personal meaning. Either real or imaginary, designate an other to take the pressure and stress of the creative process, so you can simply enjoy and have fun in your writing.

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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Hosting A Guest Preacher Can Cause An Expansion In Congregation Numbers

By Judy Sullivan

When congregations meet a guest preacher for the first time, it is generally on a special occasion that requires the services of a true speaker. The route that a church follows to get the speaker to the pulpit is at times a formal one in the beginning, an the atmosphere will warm when certain steps are taken. It will calm the nerves of church managers when the person that is chosen to speak is well known among churchgoers in the local area.

The invitation to speak is often accomplished by the current pastor, and the first contact that the two individuals will have will be done through a conversation over the telephone. Certain forms may be used to make a more formal request, which would be required to meet Church standards of conduct. Certain facts must be compiled before the visit is placed before the Church board for approval.

The name of each visiting clergyman will be placed on the form as well as the dates for the visit. The forms will also list the purpose of each visit such as a revival, baptism, or a sermon befitting holy occasions such as the birth of Christ, and the Resurrection. Parishioners find great comfort when words are spoken by a friend at a funeral.

An announcement is created for each speaking event and is usually mailed to all members of the congregation. Some churches will have a fellowship after the speaking engagement, and that information will be included in the announcement. Some people that agree to speak at an event will have to come to the church from another State and arrangements for lodging will need to be made.

Certain spaces in the form that is sent out will allow the speaker to make known any special needs. The space could list items that would be presented to people who are being baptized that day, or the person might ask the choir to sing several songs in celebration of a seasonal holiday. This opportunity to make a request will ultimately make the speaker feel welcomed before they arrive.

Before the church staff can create an announcement, certain information must be obtained from the speaker. Many forms given to an invited guest will allow room for the spouses name and any children are to be identified. The form will contain any facts that pertain to the persons educational background and any activities that pertain to spreading the Word of God to others.

The church Board will review all costs associated with the visit since the funds given by parishioners are what pays for these expenses. Some members may feel that a fee should be provided to the speaker and travel costs are often added to those totals. Lodging arrangements will be discussed and finalized before the speaker arrives in the area.

When the visit concludes, the guest preacher should have the opportunity to meet all members of the congregation. The event can also be posted in the weekly newsletter. Any fees owed to the speaker should be provided after the event. Certain speeches are designed to introduce the person to the congregation because the church needs to fill a position on the pulpit.

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Get Better At Article Submission By Studying These Great Tips

By Valentino Crawford

On its face, article marketing seems quite simple. How hard can it be to construct an article that describes your product or services and have it recorded in the proper directories? Try it one time to see that it's harder than you thought. By reading this article, you'll be gaining tips to help you improve your business with articles.

Try using freebies. This gives the customer a feeling like they got more than they paid for and will entice them to purchase from you again. If you provide freebies that are branded with your company logo, you could benefit greatly each time your customer uses it in public. Remember this, and make your decisions accordingly.

You should create a blog to promote your business. It usually doesn't cost any money, and it gives you a forum with which to "talk" to your customers. Blogs are simple to start and they are attractive and interesting for visitors.

Many people try to write their own articles to use for article advertising purposes. You need to keep in mind that talent is required to be a good writer. You need to know grammar and perfect punctuation. You may even know the terms "alliteration" and "palindrome." Writing requires captivating the reader and transporting them into the realm of what you are writing about. Writing well involves emotion and passion in your words, not just good research or well-executed technical details.

Wrap up with a compelling call to action. At the end of an article, add large buttons to tell your audience what you would like them to do. When you make it very visible and obvious, your visitors will tend to follow through and take action.

Remember to add a request that requires action. Give your readers clear access to whatever product or service you are promoting, and encourage them to share the news. When you give your readers all of this info they will be more prone to take action.

Focus on the quantity and quality of all the articles you put on your site to be successful in the field of article submission. Your readers will be pleased with availability of helpful content on your site. Overtime, writing articles will become easy for you, and you will be able to get them done quickly.

The more unique content you have, the more likely they will be to continue reading and even pass on the article. When you make money online, you don't have a lot of room to make a mistake. This is why you have to create well-written articles and know how to market them correctly. Unique content is helpful to online success.

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Friday, 17 January 2014

Get The Advantages Of Digital Printing That Is Eco Friendly

By Marissa Velazquez

To choose the best printing shop is to choose quality work. This is in terms of the prices and even the quality. For long, digital printing that is eco friendly has been the joint where clients satisfy their needs. This is in terms of books, posters, flyers and even brochures. Their level of professionalism also gives customers the confidence that all will be well.

One of their top benefits is offering quality work for all types of colors. This has helped a lot as a client will not be restricted that certain colors are not printed. In various regions, they deal with all colors, which is quite helpful. Another set of goodness also comes in because they deal with all types of materials. Therefore the choosing becomes easy.

Timeliness is another big gain that the company has brought to the residents. This is because immediately after the printing is over, they take it to the client. Through their dedicated team of experts, they are able to deliver the materials on time. This has made them reliable and one that the customers can trust.

During the printing process they help the client in doing the final touches. This includes editing the graphics and even the writings. Through their many years of experience, digital printers have been able to offer professional advice on something which needs to be added or changed. This helps the customer get the best. With this the cost becomes worth.

For all the needs concerned with printing, the solution is right at any place. This is because they deal with all types of work which a person may have. This includes a lot of pieces or even a small number of them. With this they have been able to serve big companies when they need the service. This helps cover a large group of people which is beneficial.

Professionalism has also been stretched to the way they treat their customers. They have a classic customer care which helps in giving important information needed. Even when a client calls, they give relevant, complete and truthful information. This helps a person make the schedule for a day or make certain decisions.

When accessing the services the time is not limited. This is because they have friendly working hours which helps accommodate different people who have diverse needs. The many hours help a lot as the work that is done is a lot. Therefore any piece of work is done within a short period of time.

Their reviews are quite high. Through their ratings they are prompted to work hard to maintain the praises. Therefore on taking the work to them, they will give it their best. This is because of the dedication to maintain the praises. This has led to upgrading of the service to make it quality.

When they are delivering the materials, they are extra cautious. This is because they want to deliver them in a good condition. This includes partnering with other companies which are well known in this field. This has placed digital printing that is eco friendly in the lead as it is able to deliver the materials also on time. With this people are now aware of what they will have when it comes to producing such copies.

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What You Can Do To Break A Spell

By Marissa Velazquez

When you want to break a spell, there are several things you have to know. The different kinds of spells whether intricate witchcraft spells or free voodoos use the three fold rule. Three fold law states that whatever energy one sends out to the world is returned three times more powerful. Therefore if you cast spells which produce positive energy like healing spells, such energy comes back to you three times stronger.

This also works for the negative spells. For instance when you put a hex on someone to make him sick or to cause him some sort of accident, the energy in this case is negative and it is returned to you three fold. Magic, charms and these energies are therefore not to be taken lightly and one should be careful when casting or breaking these spells.

One may assume that love spells always produce positive energy but this will depend on how it is employed. If you cast it just for the reason of attracting love, it may work just perfectly. If however you do it to force somebody into loving against their will, the whole thing may be null and void.

Voodoo should never be used to force someone to do something against his or her will. It should only be used to produce positive energy which will affect the surroundings and not the person directly. Therefore it is advisable to use the voodoo to make yourself more appealing so as to attract the person rather than using it to force him to come up to you.

When someone puts a curse on you though, you can use several means in breaking it. You can cast reversal spells which reverses the negative energy from you back to the person who put it on you. You should do it carefully because if the person notices that you have sent it back to him, he could again reverse it back with worse consequences.

Reversing a curse will require that you have a white candle, black pepper, a thin string, a pen and piece of paper, a wok and sandalwood oil. You will then have to meditate for a while about the curse you want broken and here you have to concentrate fully on the curse. Then put the curse in writing on the piece of paper. Roll the paper and fasten it with the string making sure that there are five complete rounds on the paper and then finish by tying a perfect knot.

Start by meditating about the curse that needs to be broken and make sure that you concentrate on it only and nothing else. Put the curse in writing on the piece of paper and roll the paper into a scroll. After rolling, use the string to tie the paper and make five complete rounds around it then tie a perfect knot. Make a small fire inside the wok and use it to light the candle and place the candle near the window. While concentrating on the curse, hold the scroll and move it over through the fire thrice.

After saying the words, drop the scroll of paper into the wok and add 3 drops of sandalwood oil then sprinkle some black pepper. After that, let the flame die out and if it the paper burns down completely, the curse is reversed. This is an activity that can be done to break a spell.

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Develop A Home Made Ionizer Water

By Ravi Bumstead

The Internet has a wealth of info for countless things. You can even find out How to construct a Homemade Ionizer Water. Enter a suitable keyword like "self-made water machine" into any of the search engines like Google such as Dog pile, Lycos and have. Within a fraction of second, you can see pages and pages of websites offering ways to set up this type of machine.

But, however, only many of the websites can present you with some semblance of guidance on the way to accomplish that. Put simply, you may be spending ample time and energy to pass through many websites when you get the few 'proper' ones. Many of the instructions provided by these 'proper' websites on the internet may be pretty confusing, inadequate or misleading. There's saying, "Experience is the best teacher". That is certainly the case in terms of instructions about How to Make an Alkaline Water Machine.

Unless a person has personally assembled one before, he may not know very well what to publish as instructions. Should they were published by an incredibly technical person, he can almost certainly make use of using lots of technical jargon with complex instructions. So, should you not understand technical jargon, you find yourself in standstill. In case you need to do know technical terminology, you have the other problem: simple instructions. Assembly instructions of water machine ought to be accurate, clear and enough for anybody to understand.

Then, you can use the lake alkalizer at your house or office every day. Just how much will it amount to? To get a mere sum of nearly US$10, you can learn easily via a series of videos and modules. The modules provide information on how to set up the power supply properly, prepare the tank and the way to assemble a water ionizer properly. Clear and simple instructions with relevant pictures make it easy for anyone to learn, even without the videos. All of the person has got to do is follow the instructions into a tee to relish the full great things about a good water ionizer. Apart from neutralizing the acidic effects in the person's body, there are other good things about drinking alkaline water from this type of machine.

Whatever that comes for free is generally not worth every penny. Pay lower than US$ 10 to obtain worthwhile package of clear and accurate instructions by means of a measure -by-step manual together with the added bonus of corresponding videos to make an alkaline water apparatus easily. With this sort of package, there is almost not chance of anyone assembling your machine inaccurately or spending a tremendous level of energy and time to discover how to accomplish that. Besides proper instructions, another advantage of employing the aforementioned form of manual is the amount of money that can be saved.

Someone who experienced the struggle of getting things cheaply to set up his personal water machine is able to tell you how for this. He can let you know how, what, perhaps, even to view the leonids to find the necessary components along with other items needed to put together an appropriate water apparatus. This will save you a great deal of money, time, energy and the irritation of shopping around. The little amount of US$ 10 is a smart investment, which can help you save plenty folks Dollars.

In a nutshell, if you wish to understand how to assemble an alkaline water machine, be smart and buying the right step-by-step manual with relevant videos from a person who had experience building one. This could save you unnecessary wastage of time, energy and above all, money. A cost of less than ten US dollars are few things much when you think about how much cash you save.

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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Materials Used For Sustainable Digital Printing

By Marissa Velazquez

The print job industry is saturated with a variety of producing options. However, offset sustainable digital printing is highly recommended due to its numerous advantages as follows. First and foremost, it is the least expensive way to print bulky quantity orders. The cost of producing the printed plate remains constant whether for low or high quantities so this means the higher your print work orders, the lower the price per piece.

Expanding ink is another type of ink used for screen producing. As the name would suggest, expanding ink is used to raise or expand the print off the garment. This helps to create a three dimensional look to the print. Expanding ink is used mostly on apparel.

There are also a number of non-ink materials used for screen producing. Caviar beads are one of these materials. A caviar bead is simply glue printed in similar shape to the design, onto which small plastic beads are then mounted. These help to create a tactile surface on the design. Glitter or shimmer is also a non- ink material used for screen print work.Glitter or shimmer refers to metal flakes that are added to the print ink, in order to create a sparkling effect.

Several people also prefer to source for used copy machines and buy at lower prices. This is often a good idea if the machine is still in a good working condition. The amount saved on these is tremendous and a good idea for many starting businesses.

Frequent use of printers exposes them to a great degree of wear and tear. At one point or the other, it becomes necessary to undertake printer repair. Some repairs can be handled at the individual level while others need the assistance of a repair specialist. If you choose to hire experts for the job, go for the experienced ones. The experts should have been in this business for a long time to gain enough experience.

One of the most common problems with printers is paper jam. There are several causes of paper jam. It could be due to worn out rollers or even accumulation of dust or grime within the printer. Worn out rollers should be replaced. If the jam is as a result of dust accumulation, cleaning the inner parts of the printer is the only solution.

If you decide to rent these machines, look for a firm with the most recent equipment. Such machines produce high quality papers which are important for business. These machines are also found in the best firms. Therefore, when looking for a print job machine, do not go to the small firms since they may not have the latest ones.

There are lots of details available on the web about sustainable digital printing. For further details on this subject, go to the web. There are many firms selling printers and have their designs on their web pages. This helps clients to choose the designs and to have a clue of what to buy when they go shopping. Having a lot of details about a product before you go shopping is the best thing to do. If possible list the features of the items on a paper to make shopping easy.

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How Anyone Can Make A Living From A Tech Blog

By Simon Graetnuf

The advances in technology have forever changed the ways that people communicate. The blog has become a way to reach a wide audience to share your thoughts and ideas. If you are looking to build a blog, or improve an existing one, the tips below should be just what you need.

When it comes to keywords, ads, images, and plug-ins, do not overdo it. These things cause search engines to lower your ranking, making your site useless. Remember to write for humans, not for search engines. That means writing in a smooth, natural way.

Strive to add some new content to your blog every day. If you want to keep visitors coming back and attract new ones, your blog needs to be updated regularly. If you don't post new content on a regular basis, people won't get into the habit of visiting your blog regularly. At a minimum, you should make at least one post per day.

A common mistake on sites is to overload viewers with Adsense ads, plug-ins and keywords. Doing this will undo your hard work by earning you a flag from search engines. Keep your writing flowing smoothly and naturally.

Find blogs within your niche and comment on their posts. It is easy to use Google Reader for the purpose of tracking other blogs that interest you. Comment regularly, if you'd like to say something.

Address all feedback on your blog without ever taking anything too personally. Regardless of the topic or your thoughts, there is always someone who will see it differently. Use constructive criticism to help improve the quality of your blog. With destructive or negative comments, respond politely and leave it at that. This shows maturity and helps to increase your readership.

Avoid infrequent blog posts if you want to keep your readers interested and invite repeat visitors. If you check out the most popular blog sites, you will likely see that they contain daily updates. It can help to write content to last a few weeks ahead of time before creating your blog, and then dole it out once a day as you think of more to maintain your buffer. This gives you plenty of useful content ahead of time, just in case you get stuck with it in the future.

It can be helpful to include lists in your blog. Regardless of your subject matter, lists can make your blog easier to read and more enjoyable to navigate. Readers are naturally drawn to lists, which summarize the most important part of a blog quickly and succinctly.

When you are blogging, you need to remember that you are writing in a more informal manner. Blogging is a format for entertainment and allows others to create a personal connection with the blogger. It's crucial you treat it like one, and write posts as though you were talking to your friends. The readers of your blog require a connection that is mostly informal and fun so they desire to visit your blog again and again.

If you want to increase traffic to your blog, it's critical that you concentrate on writing good content. Content that demonstrates real quality (and, more importantly, honesty and individuality) will encourage readers to revisit your blog again and again.

Remember that you're writing for a world-wide audience when you post a blog. You voice could influence the actions of many people. Remember this as you start blogging. Just one sentence or one idea can have a significant impact on someone else who you will never meet.

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Take Better Notes

By Franklin Skribbit

One of the most challenging tasks for students of any discipline is to write a term paper or other important form of paper when it is assigned with a seemingly far off due date. Some may think this an odd statement, but the truth is that there are many people who do their best work when they know they have a deadline to beat and are under the gun to get it done.

One reason why this ease with deadlines and difficulty with long term projects might be is because a paper or term paper that is due in a relatively short amount of time gives the student a structure to work from by which they can organize their efforts and produce a quality paper. While on the other hand, when people in general and students in specific are given tasks that they can postpone they will tend to do so for various reasons, some of which reasons are very legitimate and can be seen as properly prioritizing time.

As I mentioned above, many of the mistakes in a research paper have nothing to do with the citations in the bibliography however, there are a few things you want to be aware of. First, an annotated bibliography does not count as a works cited page or a bibliography for your actual research paper. They are a completely separate work. Every research paper requires a works cited page regardless of whether or not you are also doing an annotated bibliography.

Finally, whether you're using a laptop or pen and paper, you want to make sure that you are keeping your notes well organized. Keep all of your files stored digitally by class and make sure each entry is dated to make finding the information easier. If you hand write your notes, have a binder for each class and again, store your notes in order by date.

Outlining itself is another way for a student to help themselves to stay on task with their term papers throughout the semester. After the general organization of the paper is complete, a student can focus on the specific outline for the paper.

Now we come to the hardest part, what to write down and how. This is where personal preference and learning style really come in to play. Do some research and play around with various methods for documenting your notes. There are quite a few including mind mapping, charting, the Cornell method, and creating a rough outline. It is important for you to find one that works for you.

Regardless of your note taking style here are some things you want to make sure you don't miss. Obviously if your instructor says, 'this will be on the test,' write it down. If the professor repeats himself and more importantly if he slows his repetition down so that it can be taken word for word, you want to capture that information. On the flip side, if he speaks faster, louder, or with added emphasis, pay attention. When they write on the board or use a power point, snag that too, and if possible, get a copy of the power point. And lastly, take note of any material where a relationship between ideas is expressed by using words like 'however,' 'most importantly,' or 'first, second, third.'

As you work to learn these rules and others, you will find yourself able to implement them without thinking about it rather than having to pour over some handbook to make sure you are following the rules. Persistence pays off and the professors at your college in National City will be pleased with your progress.

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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

History Is Exciting When Told By A Cold War Author

By Marissa Velazquez

Many people vividly remember at least one book written by a Cold War author. Significant events, causes and effects of this period of history, biographies of major players, and a wealth of fiction based on espionage, nuclear proliferation, and true-life efforts to escape to freedom made engrossing reading. From about 1947 to 1989, two huge superpowers held each other at bay because they both had the capability to destroy the world. What a scenario!

The grip of tyranny imposed on Eastern Europe was called the Iron Curtain by the West. The countries of the Soviet bloc were virtually isolated from the rest of the world. Their news was structured by the state, their lives rigidly controlled, their economy socialized, and their movements curtailed. People who tried to resist were imprisoned or killed, and failed escape attempts had terrible consequences.

Life behind the curtain was carefully hidden, but there are accounts written by reporters who interviewed defectors or got news through courageous informers. Stories of the dreaded KGB, the government police, chill the blood. The hardship of dissenters sent to Siberia became a by-word for extreme suffering. Hundreds of millions were killed in the many countries that made up the soviet bloc.

Communism has lofty ideals of a classless system where workers could escape capitalistic oppression and share the fruits of their labor. In reality, a new elite made up of Party members was created. Ten percent of the population could go to university, practice a profession, shop in stores with plentiful merchandise, and vacation on the Black Sea. The other ninety percent worked in grim factories or communal farms, lived in cramped apartments, queued for hours in hopes of getting the necessities of life, and had no way to improve their lot.

The accounts of life behind the Iron Curtain can be grim, but there are also inspirational stories of freedom fighters, those who refused to give up their faith in God or love of country, and those who took great risks to escape to the free world. Outsiders worked hard to reach the people locked away, to get them Bibles, and to let them know they were not forgotten.

The era was not without confrontation, even though the US and The USSR never came to open warfare. Greece resisted a communist take over, China could not. South Korea survived while South Viet Nam did not. Control of the Suez Canal was disputed, and things almost exploded when Russia tried to install missiles to Cuba. President Reagan went against the advice of his staff and called for the destruction of the Berlin Wall while visiting West Berlin.

Fiction heightened the romantic aspects of this period. James Bond novels gave the mysterious world of espionage glamour, fantastic villains, beautiful women, and intricate gadgets. The Space Race needed no embellishment, but it gave new scope to science fiction. The eternal themes of young love, loyalty to country and family, faith, and resistance to tyranny continued.

It's a good time to search out a Cold War author who earned critical acclaim at the time of publication. Read the stories of people who watched or experienced the struggle between tyranny and democracy. Modern accounts that might be revisionist history can easily be balanced against period literature; make your own evaluation.

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