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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Eyes Of A Valley Girl: A Coming Of Age Story

By Mark Ellis

The type of book that this is is a retro autobiographical fantasy. In it, we see how Marianne, who this story is told through, gets to achieve her success by having to push through adversity. The story takes places in suburban Southern California in the 1960s. When you read Eyes of a Valley Girl, MW Lilly's autobiographical work of art, you might never be the same afterward because she takes you down roads that you've never known existed with such vivid detail that you feel like you were there.

By experiencing the story through Marianne, both she and the reader are able to experience together how strong-willed, good-natured people are able to survive through adversity. Compassion and optimism were important themes of this era, and they're highly celebrated in this book. By journeying with Marianne, you'll understand and see the world as she does.

The woman who wrote this novel, MW Lilly, is a Hollywood native but moved with her family to the Valley back in 1958. In Van Nuys, she attended Birmingham High School. She currently resides in South Kona, which is on the Island of Hawaii.

No battle can be won or journey made without a struggle, and this is also true with this story. People rave that the book is entertaining, while at the same time not ignoring the bittersweet realities of this time period. The lens that the story is told through, this person and this time, makes for a highly unique experience.

In this kind of a book, it's imperative that the author has a strong, well-defined voice that will carry you through the story and be believable that the author is actually the character. MW Lilly couldn't be more authentic sharing her own personal experiences and peppering in perfect amounts of humor and angst. She delivers very clear descriptions and makes you feel like you're there with her.

It's nice when you read something when you also get to learn some new and exciting facts out of it. From this book, you might learn a bit about Ganesha and what this deity symbolizes. You'll also hear about French cooking and culture, as well as La Belle Epoque.

Autobiographies are very unique in that they show us parts of people's lives which we could not see from that angle any other way. Sometimes the writer goes through very painful experiences, and sharing them and allowing other people to read them can help other people going through similar situations to deal with that adversity. In this book, we see Marianne living with abuse from an alcoholic parent, and how she stays optimistic and compassionate and finds a way through.

Among other things, this is considered to be a coming of age story. There are many people who might be around that age who could glean a lot of useful information and experience from the courage and promise presented in this story. Sometimes, the right book at the right time in a person's life can absolutely change their life, and just make them see things in a different way, and open their mind.

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